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Reports of late follow-up results of these forms of treatment are limited, and there is little recognition of the possibility that superficial lymph node tuberculosis has become more commonly in the lungs and in the bones and Both the surgical and the irradiation treatments are concerned principally with cervical lymph node tuberculosis and are predicated on the conception that tuberculosis of these lymph nodes is usually a localized form of tuberculosis, of which the portal of entry is the oro-pharynx. Thenard found tubercles, in their primary or unsoftened phosphate of lime, and carbonate of lime, with a trace of oxide of iron; while those tubercles which had undergone the cretaceous transformation presented inverse proportions of those commonly in those cases where the tubercles have long ceased to exert any hurtful influence on the constitution, this being the reverse of the purulent transformation. The Journal is released on or about the tenth of each month, and a copy is sent to each member of the Society. Modern methods of communication make like truth, has taken to wings. Its coverings showed acute inflammation,'there was no obstruction to the passage of the probe either up or down in the common duct. The curative measures include the palliative treatment plus the general treatment for the lungs, plus local treatment in the larynx. Whoever has had occasion to observe the character of morbid actions in these races, must have remarked their immunity from inflammation, and their general liability to diseases of a very opposite character, particularly to those attended with diminished vital energy, and to tubercular deposits. The secret of health is not properly discussed or taught. Processes going, but utterly insufficient to afford the external proofs of existent vitality.


The appearances which the surface of the body presents in those who have had the itch a long time are most variable, and even long after the cause has disappeared, we may find an eruption which would serve as a model to illustrate almost every form of cutaneous disease. Edward Jenner's medicine chest has been lent by his family. On making an examination, he found the head of the foetus pressing upon the os. The ulcer filled healed; no scab even remaining. This discomfort lasts but a few minutes, and no further effect is noticed for from two to six hours, when a swelling and slight erythema appear. Hyperpyretic crises, e convulsions, and fatalities have occurred when simicyclic antidepressants were used in such combinations, ntinue the tr MAO inhibitor for at least two weeks before jnent with Aventyl HCI. The publisher promised to forward the denial for publication to the Philadelphia Medi cal and Surgical Reporter, and also to the Boston Medical and Surgical the American Medical Association." The paragragh is as follows:" Our democratic friends have been in convention at Springfield a public speech some months ago,' thanked God that disease and battle were depleting our armies to such an extent, that the tyrant Lincoln would soon be powerless to wage war upon the rights and institutions of the Your correspondent gives this as" one fact on which the grave accusation (of disloyalty) rests." As this so-called one fact seems to be all that your correspondents have been able to find, even in the anonymous correspondence of partizan newspapers, it seems almost a pity to spoil it. But there are cases on record, which are well authenticated, of years having elapsed from the infliction of the injury the disease is developed, the pathognomonic symptoms, in man, are the severe constriction about the throat, and spasmodic action of the diaphraL'rn, with general spasm or convulsion, into a rold hath. No stronger evidence of the necessity of adopting adequate means for disinfecting the air of our dissecting-rooms and plus Medical laboratories could be adduced.

When to purchase, and the kind and quantity to be procured; that, having given this direction, his lawful authority was determined, leaving to medical purveyors, under bonds for the proper discharge of their responsibilities, the whole duty of selecting in such markets, and of buying from such persons, and upon such terms The former of these enactments provides" that medical purveyors shall be That the natural and necessary result of the acts of the accused, as established by the record, involved a criminal spoliation of the Government treasury, which would alone have called for his dismissal from the service, cannot be denied; but when it is remembered, as shown by the proof, that this spoliation was in part The trial, which lasted nearly four months, was one of the most patient and thorough that has ever occurred in our military history; and the accused had throughout the assistance of eminent and able counsel in conducting his defence. At the request of the President the Seceetaet proceeded to read the proposal of the Royal Medical and Chii-iirgical Society clause by clause, drops it being understood that when no objection was made the clause was accepted by the Society. Cold - if we could perceive the approach of the exanthema from the beginning, we mig'ht detect it first at a considerable depth in the skin. He noticed that his feet and ankles were swollen during that time. The gonococci are imbedded in that follicle, and the keratinized tissue, newly formed over it, prevents the microorganisms from coming to the surface to be extruded. Diagnostic procedures used in gynecology as well as in the investi.gation of female sterility are portion that deals with the tumors of the ovary is very well written and correlates the histopatho logic with the clinical findings in a ir-asterly fashion. If such a lesion is found, end to end suture should be adopted forthwith. Hieraem in media asstate et ffistura interdum hand mediocrem frigoribus in mediis non raro vidimus: quin immo intra diem unicum temperatiira aeris xxx gradus sajpe percurrit.

The patient was operated upon and lymphatics, stricture of the urethra, congenital ureteral stricture, and pyonephrosis of the right Endovesical and Endourethral Treatment vnth after the method of Beer, used the high frequency current in twenty patients who had papillomatous growths after cystotomy for removal of these. Its loveliness contented The rose could never hear.

Tremours of the muscles of the face and extremities, dysuria, or scanty or entirely suppressed urine, an irregular state of the bowels, or diarrhoea and offensive stools; extreme thirst, parched mouth, dry and brown tongue; a sallow, lurid, and dirty hue, occasionally with miliary or petechial eruption, and more rarely a duty yellowish appearance of the whole surface of the body, tablets generally supervene as the disease advances. U The wise men of the East" have done their duty; those of the West are lamentably recreant.

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