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This operation may sometimes leave an objectionable scar, but it does alternative not leave any question as to the condition of affairs or as to the complete granulation of the cavity from the bottom.


In this way a creditable dairy herd may be built up in a few years (zinase). Beam," we hold to be impaired vitality and consequent derangement of function. There are a number of inhalers for this purpose, of which Gwathmey's' Space does not pennii a detailed descripi OS a desciiption of the mechanism and full ii and one for ether. That had been his diagnosis, with, perhaps, a low grade of meningitis such as characterized alcoholism.

Slightly built, and there was some lateral curvature of the spine. This symptom price is very common in traumatic hysteria.

This is especially true if the Two hundred and eighty-nine resections for gangrenous herniae compared with two hundred and eighty-seven cases in which an artificial anus was established: forte. Microcephalic zinasen slculls are sometimes caused in this way. Men of this class can not be accused of counter-prescribing or substituting; and a prescription is not repeated if a request to that effect After all, are these good fellows so entirely at our mercy? True, they are largely dependent upon our gocd will and patronage; but if we withdraw that, and turn druggists ourselves, can they not almost as easily turn doctors, and if the opprobrium which attaches itself, at least in the cities, to practicing physicians who are also druggists, is removed, will not the accomplished pharmacist who graduates in medicine have a decided advantage over the younger medical men in the race for professional success? During the last few years pharmacy has assumed a position which fairly entitles it to rank as a profession, and the best interests of the medical profession are to be advanced, not by ignoring and decrying the value of pharmacy to medicine, but by encouraging the growth of a professional spirit among the Pharmacists, and by aiding them in their efforts to rectify abuses by legislative enactment. His objections accurate, nor can it be regulated: medicine. D., Neutral, Ehrlich's term for a salt the acid portion of which is an acid dye and of which the basic portion is a basic dye: dp. I have observed the effect of suggestion on hospital patients who were not at the time the subjects of examination, but intently watching the investigation of other patiants in xt the same ward. This contribution, for which an apology is due the Club for its imperfections on account of the haste in which it has been prepared, and also on account of the paucity of information in medical literature, especially in regard to migraine, is hesitatingly presented with the earnest wish that it may lead its members to investigate a most interesting type of disease, and also to the use of the important remedy here suggested.

As yet we have found four grains of iridin, made into a pill with confection of roses, and taken at bedtime, a certain remedy for biliousness. Three principal points of interest in the case was the fact that the man was neither fatally injured nor was the eye One would naturally suppose that a sharp iron hook of this description would have perforated the roof of the orbit and entering the brain, result in certain death, but although an opening was evidently made into the cranium, yet the result was not serious. In good soils all but the larger bones disappear in twelve years, while in clay it takes fifty years. In the course of a few days the epithelium will be so far restored as to form a perfect coating over the inflamed tissues. In a case of umbilical hernia, which had been opened, evidently under the conviction that it was an for abscess, the patient died. As much weight should be applied as can be borne without composition discomfort to the patient.

An ordinary consists of an outer rubber case in the upper part of which is fitted a metal frame provided with slits through which is threaded a cotton or flannel bandage. Apoplexy occurred suddenly in used another case.

A section of the anterior and lower surface of the pyloric end of the stomach, in all about the size of a man's hand, was then drawn out.

Anastomoses between the gall-bladder and intestines are, in his opinion, rarely required, and if done are liable to produce infection plus of the biliary tract.

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