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    (We must not Dowever, on this account neglect this disease anj more than epilepsy, St Vitus's dance, etc. The development of tubercle in the biondiial mucous membrane is generally attended by precisely such obstinate and distressing cough, and by that scanty sputa which contains few oiganio forms, the"sputum crudum" of the ancients, the"purely mucous sputum" of more modem writers. They are best treated by washing out the mouth with a weak solution of Permanganate of Potassium or Boric Acid.

    The experiment Bhowe that Type tV displaced Types I and II ult.

    For the sake of brevity, I omit fresh reference to authorities already for quoted. These cases form a respectable percentage of the out-patient work, and tablet it seems certain that for some reason in many of them there has been no record of the diagnosis, perhaps because it was a secondary one. Y., where he intends to health what has not been the best for the past year or more, he hopes to Dr.


    Trambusti demonstrated in a case of cerebro-spinal meningitis in a sheep the diplococcus Also, a buck-goat in the pathological laboratory of Florej(ice, which had died of acute cerebro-spinal meningitis, was examined by the same author. Is - necessary, which, in the various cities and towns where sewage disposal works are operative, is between thirty and forty cents per Whether the treatment of the city sewage can be carried to completion in one operation, or whether it should be accomplished by degrees, but still as part of a systematized plan, are questions which are largely controlled by financial and engineering considerations.

    In the nervous, delicate children, one dash of water was sufficient for an application; in the sluggish, phlegmatic lads, the dose might be repeated. The children arc all very well dressed and verj heal! hy be sufficient for comfort, and where then a surplus income it was wisely used, as f"i example in providing dary education for the ohildren. It is essential in all cases, in order to catheterize the ureters, first, that the bladder shall be capable of holding sufficient fluid to bring the mouths of the ureters into view; second, that cystitis or hematuria do not exist to such a degree as to render cloudy the fluid introduced into the bladder before a reasonable time has elapsed. Meltzer: I certainly included so-called chronic uremia. Bruce Lowe, edited by William Allison.

    These war 500 neuroses are apparently a corollary of modern methods of fighting.

    A speechless soldier, out on, got drunk witli some friend.s and in the cheeriness of 250 the occasion recovered his voice. Just think, parturient apoplexy, where paresis should be used, or dt whenever you hear this man haa a slight stroke of apoplexy, where paralysis is in its place. The degree of obesity which occurred in these DURATION ARRANGED ACCORDING TO DECADE OF cv ONSET. When that time comes, let us hope among other practical features there will be given to the army a commissioned verterinary service that will not only insure honesty, economy, and intelligence in the purchase and treatment of animals, but that will give the veterinarian and his family the same prospects of a pension in the case of injury or death that are enjoyed You will have an opportunity at this meeting to vote upon a proposition to change the name of this Association from the United States Veterinary Medical Association to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Loud mitral systolic and aortic diastolic murmurs. The animal is apparently doing mato well. It had also contracted adhesions with the stomach: used. Just how frequent it is cannot be accurately "syrup" stated. Daring the last eight years a very large number of cases have come under my observation, and the opinion expressed as to the infectious or possibly contagious character of the disease, I think, has been to a large extent confirmed. With regard to the remainder, it i- common to obe ol later Byphilis who had any symptoms originally beyond a'chancroid t In- illustrative cases; it i.- a phenomenon particularly well known to neurologists. In only two cases was chloroform given, the other cases supported the pain without effort. In chlorotic or anaemic subjects, the preparations of iron often render signal service. All that is certain is that, on the average, quantities of nitrogen and sulphur, corresponding closely with the quantities of those materials absorbed from the food, are excreted within that period. On account of the general subnormal, and the following day "dry" the cat died.

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