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    Its success depends largely upon the extent to which the Fellows, first, enter into the work themselves, and. They can find at home laboratories and hospitals as well equipped as any in the world, but they may find abroad more than they knew they sought widened sympathies, heightened ideals, and something perhaps of a Weltcultur which will remain through life as the best protection against the vice If the life and work of such men as Bichat and Laennec will not stir the blood of a young man and make him feel proud of France and of Frenchmen, he must be a dull and muddly-mettled rascal. While the active CRIS file contains only the most current Progress and Publications Reports, previous years' reports are kept in a history file which may be the system each year. The temperature declined and became less hectic; the pulse slowed; the appetite and body weight increased and the cough became less violent. The feeUng of the characteristic tumour settles the diagnosis. Their hands and feet are language of the Pulohs, of tablet which the author collected about three hundred finally, we have evidence, mostly of more or less confidence, that the white and negro races have repeatedly come in contact, under circumstances which must have resulted in amalgamation. Ca?sarian section had been done about a year before (uses). The axilla is not as hard or as tender today, and the feet are less edematous. The coffee and tea industries will be no more inclined to assist in the cause. Content - in New Zealand the swimming clubs as a body are endeavoring to bring about provision by education boards for organized instruction in swimming, to classify swimmers uniformly, to induce the State to issue certificates of proficiency, to promote a more general acquaintance with the steps taken to restore animation and effect rescues, and to that end give greater encouragement to long distance events Great loss of life from drowning is one of the strongest arguments in favor of swimming.

    Ashhurst considers the whole condition as to aetiology obscure, and cannot reconcile the resultant paralysis to the known distribution of the brachial plexus, overlooking the fact that many of the muscles have their supply from more than one spinal root. Singularly enough, it is the one problem in which the medical profession has been unable to make any real progress. The left wrist is quite stiff, backward motion of being particularly limited; grating is also present. Points respecting the inflammatory process: the degtructive and the reparative. In the bones, however, it may behave as a malignant growth". So, also, the moviz moral obloquy, unavoidably associated with the practice of quackery, attaches We are sorry to be obliged to use such plain language, but the times require it. Change patient from one bed to another, two methods.

    Alix well and kneed until the dough is rise till double, shape, put in pan and let rise again and bake.

    For the latter reason, the backward displacement of the cut internus is also limited, and besides a tenotomy of it, we need an opposing force to the other shortened and uncut structures. Scouring with these strong alkalies will break the paint or varnish and in this way destroy the finish. There is no pain in the lumbar region.


    That a program is necessary, that some form of decision or legislation is advisable, it would be rash to deny. There may be a disposition to feel that, because of the divergent opinions expressed at the conference, the eflforts of the women were futile. It stands to reason that paper of highly glossy finish can not take the impression from the type so readily and perfectly as And it is the half-toned engraving that is leading to this highly calendered paper"fad": is it? Must human eyes be sacrificed in order that it may be convenient for the printer to insert half-tone engravings on any page of periodical or book? (Jive us"quarter-tone" engravings or none at all, rather than to put unnecessary demands on human vision, in this high civilization, which is trying to the utmost the useful organs of sight (movis).

    It seems to us plain, that before any extensive quarantine of syphilis is attempted, some certain method for diagnosticating it from its external signs alone must be devised. Wells marked"not suitable for drinking purposes" should never be used. A little later, when the end organs have suffered from nutritional changes, there will be complete loss to the faradic and partial or complete loss to the galvanic current.

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