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When the question ls submitted to the Association it was carried very nearly unanimously, only four members voting against such admission. Defective clothing and water supply use had also a causal significance. All the modem laboratory methods are well described, the chapters on the blood and stomach contents being especiallv good, though brief. We have expressed the belief that pellagra is a progressive chronic disease, characterized by peculiar exacerbations. I rememl aggravated case I had a number of years ago, in everything that I could think of, which I afterwar in relieving entirely with a large dose of chloride of Dit. Vthen: About a month ago a lady from cen tral Kentucky consulted me about an enlargement of the abdomen. Webster defines the hip as" the projecting part of the trunk of an animal formed by the lateral parts of the pelvis and the hip joint with the flesh covering them; the haunch." Gould gives as the hip," the upper part of the thigh at its junction with the buttocks." Haunch is"that part of the body Including the hips and Webster gives as the definition of haunch" the hip, that part of the body of man and quadrupeds which lies between the last From the above definitions it will be seen that the term hip, is employed rather indefinitely by the profession as well as the laity, to include not only the immediate structures which enter into the formation of the joint proper, but also those both hard and soft which contribute to the function and protection of the same, even to the fascia and integument. As almost all bites are on the extremities, the patient may be able to suck the wound. As the depressed bone was denuded, thought best to trephine. In five cases of measles the mucous membrane of syrup the antrum was in a state of glossy cedematous' inflammation.

There reinain the characteristic cervical adenopathy, "ximeceff-o-200" the deformity of the joints of the fingers (proved by a radiograph to De due to periarthritis), and a tuberculous lesion of the lungs. The contents do not necessarily reflect HCFA policy. In the majority of cases coming to us the gonorrheic victims have first used selfmedication at the suggestion of a friend or druggist or from some left-over prescription. This was proljably the cause of the persistent diarrhoea.

Winter attacks are less grave because favored by seasonal influences. The limits of this article do not permit me to hindi treat of special lesions nor of special cases, and I have purposely confined myself to a general consideration of the topic.


And experience has shown that it does not interfere with the "ximeceff" nutrition or function of the testicle. While all of the cases reported might possibly have been relieved by gradual dilatation or divulsion, I am sure they could not have been relieved so quickly, safely or pleasantly by either of There is, of course, the remote possibility in every case of producing a perineal fistula, but the probability is so slight as to weigh very little with either patient or physician. The patient's head should be inclined sharply forward, or a finger passed into the nasopharjoix to prevent the foreign body falling into the glottis (dry). Let us hope that the profession will be saved from the company of the doctor who buys stock in the John's Pill Company, and then proceeds to prescribe John's pills sold at so much per, while he pleasantly awaits his dividend check from the concern. These are best seen on the surface of the kidney, usually projecting from the cortex and becoming adherent to the capsule (price). This is a most careful and thoughtful work, and we think there are few Avho could read it through without gaining a clearer conception of this difficult subject (tablet). The latter is an example of one possessed of an empty smattering of added to which, an amount of cunning calculated to gloss over error. On Tuesday evening there will be a Liver and Bile Passages." A large attendance is a novelist had once been convicted of gross ignorance on medical matter concerning which he wrote with glibness, he wotild not make a second incursion in that dangerous field unless he was fairly sme of his ground.

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