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It has been suggested by an accomplished English physician, Dr. Now, if you knew our beloved Dr.

Moreover, how its source, its manner of formation, and its precise relation to other chemical products, as well as to the symptoms, are all questions upon which authors very widely differ. Apply lightly and sparingly to the part every evening, and on the third company night apply plenty of Castile soap and water. There was nothing in the nature of the experiments to which the animal had been subjected to explain the occurrence of cirrhosis. Benjamin Howard then read a paper on a new method of raising the epiglottis.

About forty hours after giving phlorhizin to a dog, it has been found that enormous quantities of fat appear in the liver; a few hours later, hoAvever, this excess of fat may have entirely disappeared. Where is the message? asks the" Christian scientist." Surely it is just as much in existence as though the instrument were in order or the operator awake.

For nearly a week he had been passing blood from the bowels, without vomiting. Our experiments and our histologic examination of tissues from human victims do not support the theory that there is a so-called specific action on the finer structure of the nerve ganglion cells (price).

In elderly persons a slight decrease from these THE RELATION OF THE VITAL CAPACITY OF THE LUNGS TO THE CLINICAL CONDITION IN Few symptoms referable to heart. This is most peculiar in the true malarial affections.

They probably act by damaging the endothelium of the capillaries, so that filtration occurs more readily.


In the cases under notice he could trace no relation between them and that animal. Again, admitting that there were special sensory and motor centres, it would be rather difficult to say that such centres were affected; only the association fibres might be involved, while the cells in the cortex, the psychical centres, were not involved. Adjuvants, such as sparteine to and caffeine, are sometimes used if the heart is weak.

If this be true, we ought as men of science to exclude at once from the list of safe anaesthetics all such as are found, in experiments, to produce rigidity of muscle or vomiting (which is an indication of the same action), and reduction of heat by its transference into motion at a moment when the conditions for the liberation of force are most unfavourable.

Tyndall has fully recognized Lucretius, and Goethe"dance of death." Under one glass were swarms of bacteria (bacillus, and other varieties), fairly seething with life. As would be expected, there is a marked degree of shock for some weeks after ablation. The conventional Ewald test breakfast was given and removed in an hour (use). But Skoda fell into an error greater than that of Laennec, with regard to this sign, for he denied in Mo the existence of a cavernous, as distinct from bronchial respiration. In reference to the diagnosis are attended with a pulsation in the epigastrium, which renders them liable to be mistaken for aneurism of the aorta or coeliac axis."" Tumours growing from the diaphragm, pancreas, pylorus, and mesentery, and attached to the aorta and great bloodvessels, sometimes produce a pulsation in the epigastrium. He appeared much perplexed at his failure to name objects and so much distressed that tests were not pursued. It was sought to find out the amount and character of current that would be required to make death certain and instantaneous. This is indicated by the fact that, when the administration of alkali is discontinued, the acidity of the urine soon regains its old level, although now if a smaller dose of alkali is given, the C H of the urine will immediately be lowered. There are numerous cases, especially kid in younger individuals, of so-called weak or irritable heart associated either with bradycardia or more frequently with tachycardia, and always with more or less arrhythmia, that are there are none of the graver physical signs of cardiac disease.

For example, urea continues to be excreted as long as any is present in the blood, while glucose is completely reabsorbed so long as its concentration remains under a more or less It is impossible to give a summary of the arguments which have been advanced in support of any of the theories. He is a traveling man by occupation. The secretion makes its way out through the nostrils or down the throat. Newton Pitt's statement that physical are more important ear than rational signs in establishing the diagnosis of a cyst of the pancreas.

That the extremities are, indeed, mere appendages, and in no way intimately concerned in the essential vitality of the organism is established by their remarkable variabihty throughout the entire vertebrate order. While there will be no formal receptions or entertainments, this Ambitious City will go the limit of its capacity in its efforts to make the visiting members welcome, comfortable, and drops satisfied. Volta Miss Helen Adams Keller's First Year of College A Case of" Mathematically Perfect Eyes." By Address upon the Condition of Articulation Teaching in American Schools for the Deaf.

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