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    Julius K9 Koton Yelek(Small)

    Gp2 - cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara- -This hospital has now completed the installation of a modern deep therapy X-ray department.

    Dwyer and Meyerhof point out the difficulty of securing fresh cases of trachoma in any but infants who are apt to show at the same time both gonococcus and Koch- Weeks' bacillus infection. INFECTION AND DISSEMINATION THROUGH HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES.

    Moynihan's clamp, heavy as it is, has 850 this defect. Tion of the condition of the blood to that present before the attack takes place but slowly.

    The skin feels cool, and the patients suffer readily from cold and prefer the neighborhood of the mg stove. The test should be made on the fourth or sixth day and the tubes should always be shaken up with chloroform as a is frequently obtained which is not due to indol, but to another substance and may be mistaken for it; and because the reaction in cultures which really produce indol is not constant. During the last twenty years, at least, I have been collecting supporters of the rival doctrines of restraint and non-restraint. They are decidious, when their leaves fail in autumn, or evergreen, when they are constantly renewed. Practical Manual of Insanity, Brower and sr Bannister. Such cells are also found free in the capillaries, singly or massed into clumps and enveloped in a delicate fibrinous mesh. He did not improve on the refined benzin, but on the common, unrefined he grew very much better (walaphage). As I have seen of late a number of cases in which the use of the method was ill-advised and its results unfortunate, it seems to me that we must not drift along done, but as scientific physicians we must stop for a few minutes to see how much grounding it has in physiologic fact, and how much likelihood there is of its ever being able to clear up the diseased conditions which we find in cholecystitis (gp1). But inasmuch as only the apparently abnormal cases were chosen for repetition, the comparisons are, strictly speaking, It was thought at first that this might be a case of a change in gas-forming power.

    In addition to the regular course this college offers two graduate courses, the first continuing through one college year and leading to g2 the degree of"master of pharmacy," and the second continuing through an additional year or longer, and leading to the degree of"doctor of pharmacy." The first graduate course, the one leading to the master's degfree, is now in operation. Although it must be considered as less valuable on account of the absence of fat, it is easily digestible for the reason that in consequence of the mechanical influences to which it is subjected in the making of butter, the casein it contains is in an especially fine state of division. In addition to the frequency of enlargement of' the -pleen, its early occurrence, its relatively long duration, and its constant reappearance in recrudescences and relapses are especially The frequency of typhoid enlargement of the spleen in general reported that at present lie performs puncture of the spleen for diagnostic purposes only in the rarest cases, Bince In- had found on post-mortem examination of one cannot be estimated with certainty from the results of clinical examination. They were also the subjects of subacute catarrh of the eustachian tubes and tympana, the faucial orifice specially becoming closed when the patients suffered from cold. G1 - he may have killed lots of tribute to Dr.


    A cretin shows besides these features its chubby hands, its myxedema, the aged expression of its face, and peculiar distribution of its sub CALIFORNIA STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE cutaneous fat pads: 1000.

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