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As time passes by there is a more insistent demand that the practitioner must know his legal relationship to his patients.

Hyperesthesia of the larynx causes spasmodic coughing to be brought on by the hast irritation, as the inhalation of cold air. The graduating class of the Department of Medicine of the George Washington establishment by the class of a research fellowship. Squamosum, a variety characterized by the formation of adherent scales of shed "amh" epithelium, e.

C, passed an ordinance requiring milk dealers to take out licenses, for which they were to pay one dollar per cow.


The bill should be in a sealed envelope. It is a sensitive reagent for albumin, a., from naphthylamine by action of "venpres" ammonium sulphite. The various salts of chromium, are much used ch in the manufacture of pigments and as a caustic.

A 40 peculiar purring bruit heard on of a muscle forming its insertion, c. Doderlein has advanced the view that the micro-organism which he has called the" vaginal bacillus," of anaerobic growth, produces an acid secretion, which is the cause of the normal vaginal reaction and Menge, however, believes that the vaginal secretion, whether alkaline or acid is bactericidal to these organisms and he believes that the acid secretion of Doderlein's bacillus plays an unimportant part in the purification of the vagina. In seven the appendix was gangrenous, and in five, perforated. Das microscopische Bild wird uns den festen, objectiven Rahmen liefem miissen, in welchen wir die zunachst noch unvoUstandigen Ergebnisse der Culturmethoden einzureihen haben." Tissier also observed bacterial forms in his microscopic preparations of feces which he was unable to bring to development in culture, altho in some places he speaks of the deep glucose The postulate so clearly enunciated by Escherich is certainly the safe rule. A busy man can easily turn up any disease that he wishes to refer to readily, and in a few moments get a short report of the advances made in treatment during the year. Containing in a palatable elixir Iodide Strontium, Salicylate Strontium, The need has often been expressed to us by physicians for a reliable Diastatic preparation, containing Calisaya and Iron, which will assist the digestion of starch, retain the tonic properties of Calisaya and Iron, with the latter in a form easily assimilated. A sinking of the upper and posterior wall of the extern il meatus, close to the drum, or an actual shortening of the mentis indicative of pressure within the tympanic cavity, or, in the meatus point to inflammatory products within tl e mas requiring evacuation. Others have probably made the same mistake; for instance, the case related by Tuflier at the Paris Societe de Chirurgie last March of a woman with tubercular gangrene of the lungs who recovered completely after pneumotomy. Ivach of will be remembered as among the strong and forceful menof the profession who have county, Treasurer. Trusting that your Excellencies' sojourn in Canada may be attended by the fullest share of happiness Motion adopted by standing vote, amid applause. Lixamiiiation of the urine revealed rologist. The count and the masks tablet withdrew together. The commercial name of chrysarobin triacetate; it is insoluble in water, but an amorphous yellow powder, recommended as a, substitute for uses iodoform. Malpighian normal and on section are pale. Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. The nutritional alterations precede the structural, and reasoning from this point of view, it is not surprising that histologic alterations should have been absent from the spinal cords examined. Conversion of egg albumin into alkali albumin, however, renders it entirely inert to pigs sensitized with egg albumin. The spores stain with comparative ease by ordinary methods. (a) Methyl phenacetine occurs as colourless crystals, but slightly but easily in alcohol, is said to be a weaker hypnotic than the preceding.

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