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Von Bunger, quoted by Schachner, conducted some experiments to determine just what changes took place in this disposition of sponges left in the abdomen. After hemorrhage followed by therapeutic injection the mean variation between different animals, both as to blood volume and cell count, was much less than after hemorrhage without injection. I often open the skull as an exploratory operation, and I feel I have not done any damage; but when I come to the dura I always consider carefully whether to go further. Occasionally such stoppage of the ureters will produce attacks of renal colic simulating those produced by There are two points in connection with the pyuria of renal and bladder tuberculosis that I do not remember to have seen noted by writers on the subject, which I have observed in several of my cases, namely, that the pus has a peculiar dirty-gray color, and that these tuberculous urines even when loaded with pus, do not, in many cases, have the exceedingly foul smell that is often noticed in the urines of some cases of chronic cystitis in connection with prostatic hypertrophy, and more especially of malignant disease of the kidney and Unlike blood the pus generally increases in quantity as the disease progresses, although in some instances it Painful and frequent urination are also early symptoms.

Thus it will be seen that there is nothing apparent in the surroundings, the habits, or the diet of these families to account for their being infested with these parasites.


To have yielded to occasional doses of opium, and a mixture of valerian, camphor and ether. Nothing like M existed in English on a similar Bcale.

Elliott Publishing Company, or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for tr tation through the mail as second class matter. He had vazortan-25 takrn a great variety of the usual antirheumatic and anti-syphihtic medicines, and had been slightly salivated twice, without permanent rclkf. The isolated piece of jejunum is anastomosed by one end to the gall bladder and by the other end to the cut end of the stump. It appears, that mg this plant contains morphium combined with extractive. 50 - quarantine laws of the United States should be under the direction of the National Board of Health and of an Executive Committee an international congress for the discussion of the very important subjects of international sanitary ciuarantine, etc. Another case, one that did not react, was born of a tuberculous mother but was immediately taken from her. A host of similar comparisons can be gleaned from the literature. The glottis must be opened, the tracheal surfaces separated, and then only is artificial respiration possible by methods like There are many cases, notably after protracted labour or from other causes, when the newborn child makes or has made no attempt at all at the initial inspiration.

The rectum was distended by a colpeurynter and suprapubic section was done, the patient being in the Trendeleuberg position. A blank cartridge was and the following results were noted: The fish, frog, and turtle were dead and on postmortem examination, showed the usual venous stasis in the liver, upper intestines, and lung.

Bulle earned his medical degree from the University of Havana School of Medicine in at his alma mater. By it we really mean what the medical profession are doing to prevent disease; and this again sounds like a contradiction in action. On the middle upper posterior part there runs a small metallic headpiece that covers a depression of the hollow, ending in two air holes. An old lady, seventy-three years of age, had taken, through the carelessness of a druggist, a dose of aqueous solution of corrosive sublimate.

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