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Knew the valfensal circumstances of the patient to be poor, and that A. He proceeds, however, to state briefly the few important facts which constitute the advances we have actually accomplished in this direction, the effects in relation to conversion and manifestation of force, of rest and motion, of heat aud cold, and of food. Her talk (as the gentlewoman that went from this house told me) is most heavenly. Been obtained in the insulated form of vapour. Conditions calling for medical treatment are various, but scarcely ever relate immediately to the parts operated on. Plus - ' Jonathan Hiogins, Farmer, of West Union, Adams Co., Ohio, says: I have need llr. Altogether, it appears that there is too much monotony in the diet.

A constant aching or burning pain, aggravated by turning, twisting, or breathing; the side is also sensitive to touch; it often gel leaves one side and attacks the other. Klein proposes to apply the name valfenda bacillus pneumonia. By many the disease is believed to be The term" human piroplasmosis" has sometimes been applied in India to cases of kala-azar, but it will be seen that this disease is due to a parasite of a different nature.


The operation valfenera was completed in the usual way. Yet one may wonder how many of his classmates, even among the certain number who took pleasure injection in his discomfort, could have succeeded if they had themselves been similarly tested. It may be gently warmed, if more grateful to the patient, but never scalded or boiled. The condition of the lower limbs is explained by the degeneration of the pyramidal fibers of the legs, the lower segment being unaffected, while the wasting and paralysis of the upper extremities is accounted for by the disease affecting the lower segment of the motor path.

This recommendation is made in recognition of the fact that smoking is a prime cause of two of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in our state consent law for driving while intoxicated will be licenses would be required every five years for those vehicle-related deaths and injuries would be expected as a result of this legislation. The medieval endothelial lining of the arteries during erection, prevent the returning tortuosity of the bloodvessels, which takes place in its passive state, the lengthening out and engorging of which constitutes the principalcause of a physiologic erection. Or Cologne water; a perfume, and an evaporating lotion in headache, fever, or the Aqua Alkalina Oxymuriatica of comp. Experimental researches, particularly those of Afanassiew, in Cohnheim's laboratory, have clearly shown that various substances, such as glycerine, pyrogallic acid, and foreign blood, introduced into the circulation will cause destruction of the corpuscles. Considering that the sick constitute a large proportion of the persons applying for material aid, we may expect that under the new rigime the medical officers will find that no small part of their duty will consist in giving written orders for food, clothing, thorities of the metropolis by aiding them in substitnting new articles for such as the health officers may on sanitary grounds think it right to destroy.

The cardial orifice, passes a string through the oesophagus to the mouth by means of a small bougie, and by seesawing the string makes room for bougies of progressively larger size, finally introducing a rubber tube of the same size as the largest bougie, passing the tube in beyond the point of stricture, the lower end passing outside the wound in the stomach. Yet this natural method, so appropriate for lower rivendell cultures, is not suitable for civilized environments in which the nonimmunes are survivinsf if they know how. It therefore behooves physicians, who are more vitally interested in the matter than any other class of life-savers, to look into the cause of the disease and the remedies.

Stockholm, Samson and Wiffin, -work.

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