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    It will be evident that this must have been no slight task for the" compiler," as Dr. Besides being difficult to carry out regularly with all the patients during the course of their disease, I consider, with many authors, that this reaction is of no value from the point of view of indication and regulation of treatment. This phenomenon has been studied by inoculating guineapigs with horse serum, but various other proteids of alien origin, such as egg albumin, milk, and sterilized bacterial products, produce the same result with great certainty.

    Attention to a by no means uncommon formation of the jugular fossa, which is ignored in anatomical works, and in which he shows that the foramen and fossa are almost always larger on one side of the head (usually the right) than on the other, and that the neighboring foramina are usually larger on the same side as the larger jugular foramen. Then too, there nurses have been sent to examine the has never been 100 any price fixed on social f;chool children. Keen is experimenting upon the antiseptic powers of chloral hydrate.

    In explanation of this he assumes that the brachiocephalic and subclavian arteries may sustain the brunt of the cardiac (lisj)lacement. And was kept up for two months, two or three times weekly. Was put upon the treatment already described. An alkaline antiseptic douche well precedes the introduction of suppositories containing dehydrated magnesium sulphate at night and should also follow the use of one the Epsom salt, with or without glycerine, is of importance given in enemas. One month afterward the restoration of function of the musc-les of the right leg, back, and the right side of the face was complete. Triceps and biceps jerks are equal and normal. According to a report made by a committee, and found in the annual volume of Transactions of the American Medical Association for and counties of Virginia, taken promiscuously from all sections of the state, only six hundred and seventy-eight were graduates of any medical school, or possessed any form of license to practice. No appetite, tongue coated, bowels sluggish, kidneys moderately active, temperature normal, respiration My first thought was that she had been running or romping too strenuously but she denied cef both.

    This is the art of prognostics which Hippocrates never ceased to praise, calling it even God of prognostics, and comes from our knowledge, painfully accpiired, of the relative risks of such a condition as compared to operation.


    Ely, Tumor cv of feller Foundation. On dissection, the condyles of the occiput, both articulating surfaces of the atlas, the axis and the odontoid process were denuded and eroded, the latterfeeling smooth and like a piece of ivory. Tuberculosis dt of the uterus, with report of Case of tuberculosis of uterus. Thud a portion of tbo air is retained in the vcsclca, Tlio nest inspiratory act adds more, whidi, very Uttlc action in promoting craciuition of the iiir-vosicles;, cspedally ataoeat iaepinJiatf ectaeis vut empbyscua ot the laag. It the actual conditions of life, and cer- means practically a laboratory course tainly country-life as it exists today, from start to finish, but this scheme but what can be done, when the pro- with its vast teaching establishments, lessional mind, and even the lay mind, composed of laboratory and clinical has been seduously cultivated for the buildings, administrative halls, libraries last ten years to accept the doctrine that and hospitals, completely equipped and the times require only college training efficiently manned with a well salaried and long years of special preparation faculty, brings one face-to-face with antor the prospective doctor, regardless of other responsibility, which is purely his future life work and environments, financial, and yet this is not all, for Can any result other than"Special- while the traditional medical requireism" harmonize with such teaching, ments of the past might have been satand is it unnatural to expect that today isfied with these, the modern 50 methods all graduates should not be"Special- rightly demand, if financially possible ists?" The difficulty, then, is to stem for the student and the college, that the excessive thearetical trend of mod- many correlated branches of medical ern medical thought and teaching, and science also be taught, namely: public still maintain a"Class A" standard, not health work control of disease, the syson a thearetical, but a practical basis, tematic education of pupil nurses along which shall select the student, and train sound pedagogical and chnical lines, and the individual in the light of the clin- in many cases, the special teaching of ical necessities of every day profession- Dentistry and Pharmacy, and these inal life. It seemed, therefore, that if the antigen could be standardized against antipollen serum by immunologic methods, the active antigenic power of the extract might be definitely determined. Tablet - a knowledge of the size and proportions of the body is essential to the proper cutting of uniforms. Toward the end of the second week the liver tepid spongings were given instead of baths. A probe, having a bulb somewhat larger than the bulb of nitrate, should be previously passed through the os internum, for we may, otherwise, have the nitrate arrested, for a short time, in the canal or at the os, which is sometimes thus provoked to such a degree of contraction as to prevent the further progress of the armed probe. Let your Senators and Congressmen know that you are opposed to any scheme or system that, at this critical hour in our Nation's life, tends to restrict the service of the Press, and faster the spirit of sectionalism.

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