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The only work similar to this which we know is Littre's Dictionnaire de Medecine, de Chirurgie, de Pharmacie, de V Art Veterinaire et des Sciences qui s'y rapportent. We invite Physicians to visit our 10 place. What we need in order to make our realization of history true is more study of the actual facts and less deduction from ignorance History of Nursing called particular attention to the decadence of hospital organization and hospital construction in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

The highest biannual An analysis of the occupations of the patients SEASONAL DISTRIBUTION OF VENOMOUS SNAKEBITES AGE DISTRIBUTION OF HOSPITALIZED SNAKEBITE VICTIMS other than farm laborers, five were craftsmen, three were unemployed, and two were private household workers.

"But to return tablet to the particular cases before analyzed. The knowledge imparted by the latter method being less in the same time, a greater opportunity is given to the mind to assimilate it. Well-educated native practitioners, whose senices would cost less than a fourth of the expenditure at present incurred, and who are"more conversant with the gastronomic indulgences of their brethren than any European can be", are now obtainable without stint of numbers, and might, with advantage, be placed in charge of native regiments. The insertion of the funis in the centre of the body is accounted one of the evidences of the delivery of the child at the full time; and, consequently, may be used in the settlement of any medico-legal question admitting its applicability. During the night, the right extremities were frequently convulsed.

We should therefore continue to make fair experiments with whatever lays claim to being remedial.

The laity during fails to understand or to appreciate the difference between sputum and saliva, while some patients fail to comprehend the inestimable value of the sputum analysis. Presented in the Report of the Finance Chairman: price. This is to be done twice daily at the start; less frequently afterward. In order to warrant this hopefulness, however, an early diagnosis and immediate intelligent treatment are necessary. The oil was mixed with an equal quantity of water, and digested in a water-bath with binoxide of mercury, and small quantities of lime and protochloride of iron; time having been allowed for the decomposition of the acid, the whole was introduced into a copper retort and subjected to distillation. We first consider the anatomy of the substrata of visual ideas, although we must now and then at the same time speak of llieir modes of activity; that is, of their physioiog)-. The law on the suhject is so simple and clear, that no apprehensions need be felt as to the improper incarceration of persons in consequence of the Government grant. An attendant is not indispensable after the patient has been taught to resist, himself, by contracting moderately the muscle opposed to the one in action. Carpenter seconded tlie motion; and said, if it were carried, it would help to strengthen the hands of those who were striving to carry Dr.


No fluctuation on the outside of the leg, though much swelled. Bartholomew's Hospital Cranstone, William Lefevre, University College Deane. E., by the simultaneity of their occurrence in the establishment of pulsation in fecundation). Murder as revenge is blocked because he also loves and needs them. In three cases, the position of the rupture is not noted; in one, it is left doubtful.

However, the older terminology will be used here: pregnancy. It is hardly feasible to give due attention even to the enormous quantity of Hterature sent in expressly for review, and, much as we should like to commend all the works worthy of professional study, it would be neither fair nor possible. This was twenty-four and he seemed to get his breath with more ease. The author mentions that the ideal antiseptic has not yet been discovered, and in making this assertion he speaks of iodoform in disparaging terms because of the danger attending its absorption. "Charity" is a synonym for professional imposition.

The first part of the book is taken up with the construction of the prescription, and this is followed by an explanation of the Latin terms used in prescriptions, with a list of nouns_ used in the Pharmacopoeia, accompanied by their genitive endings.

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