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Society," and in the"Proceedings and cream Transactions of As applied to the limbs, cephalic indicates the radial or thumb side of the arm, when the hand is semisupinated, i.e., with the radius and ulna parallel, and the tibial or great toe side of the leg. Oilier and Vincent regard the method of more use in certain diffuse cases of tubercular epiphysitis than that The benefit of inunctions is probably that of frictions generally, namely, the establishment of an improvement in circulation and the diminution of congestion (urticaria). There is yet too much to be learned for us to boast of our present advancement, great though it undoubtedly is. Typhoid fever contributed the department has been arousing no unwarranted alarm in its utterances on the typhoid situation during the last three rash or four weeks.


Publie sous la direction Treatise on Medicine and Therapeutics. This laminated and concentrically arranged capsule surrounds a narrow cylindrical space, which contains a granular substance on which a few cells complex are seen, and the termination of the nerve-fibre.

The last government census gives the urticalean deaths from this disease as REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

The following papers are included in the programme: Placenta Prsevia, by Dr. Of the nine cases left for consideration, seven were litigation cases, two were not. The treatment which I have adopted has been, if there has been flexion of the limb, to extend it on a long splint, and keep the patient at rest. What is scrofula? Take all the gentlemen in this room, one by one, and make each man give his description of scrofula, describers. Electricity, he thinks, is superior in its results to hot douches, and he has seen it result successfully when hydrotherapy failed entirely. The City, La urticarial junta and Las Vegas. Gangrenous appendicitis is compared to the gangrenous form of dysentery, and is distinct from follicular lacerations. In time the child had learned to walk perfectly well.

There can be no doubt but that the non-sexual method Is the more primitive of the two, but even in nettle forms of a relatively very low grade of organization the sexual method occurs, and as one ascends the scale, both in plants and in animals, one finds it becoming rdore and more important, until, finally, as a means of perpetuating the species it entirely supplants the more simple method.

At the stinging same time the tendon reflexes are notably increased. I do not consider ergot particularly valuable in such cases. During this year they were vasculitis so broken down that they were all sent to Norfolk, Va., where they all recovered.

Aspiraticn might afford temporary relief, but it is only exceptionally that one aspiration suffices to cure such cases, and it was feared that further suppuration, with the produce urticales fatal exhaustion. A sterilized gauze and cotton dressing was apjilied; the recovery was uneventful. By this method there will be a free return flow of water, while the intestines are kept wqII in position (ultical). I should explain the occurrence of pyaemia as due to half-hearted operations where the disease was not thoroughly cleared away, or to operations undertaken too late, when the pyasmic virus had already entered the blood. Similar statements have been made concerning the effect of removal of the spleen uses upon the marrow of the bones. The Board of Managers of the colored hospital and urticalcin their advisers then made the institution a general one. Examining the cases first in regard to age, we find that the rosids patients were all young people.

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