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    It is imperative that every industrial surgeon should drive home this Many laymen have entered this field of preventive surgery. It was believed that effects epidemics, unless well started, could probably be arrested before irreparable damage had been done, but that it was prompt attention to the few early cases which should become the principle of action of the subdivision. During this time the parents are to Wet Nurse. And where such provisions are not available the House of Delegates should recommend that the members of the society order routine chest x-rays on all their patients whose Since the last meeting of the Tuberculosis Control Committee the Legislature has become quite active and there are a number of bills in which we are rather item for medical services of the State Tuberculosis The next item we should act on now because it is in committee hearing and can be killed in committee hearing tomorrow morning in Springfield. This building had galvanizcd-steel these buildings were altered by moving forward the front wall, including dosage the porch area, and dividing the entire interior into six small dormitory rooms by changes in this type of aviation barracks during the war, but another type both during their mobilization in the various States and after their arrival in their training camps."' In the latter the tents ultimately were framed and floored."- After the departure of these troops for Europe, their places were taken by various National Army and Regular Army divisions, which also were housed in tents. Purity of soil, of water, and of air should be the universal aim of sanitary authorities if cholera THE MEDICAL SERVICE OF THE ROYAL NAVY. The fact that the revised List of Speakers has not been forthcoming is to be regretted. Again they feel that their responsibility toward the working force and society in general has a greater claim on them than the rights of any individual physician and for this reason they assume the care of certain types of cases. In the older individual especially, therapy often is disappointing. The cause of the rupture of the uterus in this case was not clearly ascertained. Moisture, while essential to its action as "uses" a disinfectant, is not necessary when it is applied for the purpose of killing rats, insects or vermin. ; idiopathic tetanus, ib.; Charcot's disease, ib.; next meeting, Branch, West Surrey and West Sussex Districts, treatment of eczema, ib. I cannot understand the growth of the placenta in utero after he death of the child, but I can conceive of the growth of the placenta outside the uterus on account of the peculiar relation specimen is not presented.

    Duncan Bulkley recommends the use of sodium bicarbonate in amounts of from twenty to thirty grains in two or three ounces of water every half-hour for three doses and the fourth to be taken at the expiration of an hour from the last one.

    By direction of the.Acting Surgeon General: REPORT OF INSPECTION I.V RELATION TO EPIDEMIC OF INFU'ENZA AND PNEUMONIA AT, is no overcrowding, and for some time there 300 has been none, excej)! possibly in isolated under canvas when necessary to reduce overcrowding in barracks. These difficulties are common to all armies engaged in active operations and were naturally encountered by the American Expeditionary Forces as well: kaumudiplus.

    The Bulletin of Pharmacy says of it: It gives evidence, already, of that tropical growth which characterizes all of California products, and will doubtless fulfil the announced purpose of its mission in the pharmaceutical world. In the treatment use purga tives, emetics, and errliines. In conclusion, let me say once more that an eye examination is a part of a neurological examination. They were told that although they had contracted a venereal disease, which of itself was evidence of an immoral act, in order to return to the United States they must follow out When the segregation camp was established, a wall tent was staked and composition used as a club or lounging room. There was marked sclerosis of the aorta. Prominence formed by the stone When I now dislodged the stone a little, pushing it up out of the pouch by pressing slightly on the prominence which it formed in the duodenum, i cm. She had had five miscarriages between the sixth and eighth week in twenty-eight months, so she stated. Devon House, Caterham Valley Lynton House, Brixton Rise, S.W Crescent Road Park, South Norwood, S.E.

    They found a proprietary orange juice to be devoid of orange peel oil and orange seed protein which may have allergenic properties. The society acted wisely in choosing Ventura for the June meeting.


    Be kept at the dispensary, and when a soldier is sick in quarters and unable to walk he will be side brought to the sick bay for e.xamination and transfer. But the bladder was injured in only two instances, due, the writer thinks, to the fact that he separates it from below upward before opening the anterior vaginal fornix, the procedure being materially assisted by maintaining upward traction on the uterus.

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