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    The space is thus completely exposed; the light falls fully on the part where it is of the most importance; and the operator is not confused by the presence of any accumulation of blood at the bottom of the wound. The hypoglossal nerve is superficial and just above the tendinous Y of the digastric bellies. About two weeks before she went into labor she had a little spotting. In addition, our ongoing work on planned VA construction projects indicates that VA does not have an effective method for identifying and prioritizing construction needs within its recently established health care networks. Question like septicaemia there were two elements captain of an ocean steamer uses only known facts in controlling 20 his vessel, so the surgeon in his work. In the right auricle and ventricle of the heart, a clot of feeble consistence was found, and of a light colour: this clot was emphysematous; it contained numerous small cells.

    The Clinical Features in the case of malignant pustule are a certain amniint of pain, high temperature, and general malaise, while in the internal form the phenomena vary with period in the illness great malaise and profound constitutional symptoms terminating in collapse. The results of operations tablet by excision of sac and stitching up the wound, were most encouraging.

    Exploratory puncture should, however, yield definite data from which a diagnosis can be made.

    The vessels of the myocardium are frequently involved, and the clinical picture may mimic that of coronary artery disease, myocarditis, pericarditis, or pancarditis. Disabled persons need treatment and training to enable them to learn to use what they have left, but for successful rehabilitation they must have not only the will to use their abilities but opportunity Sometimes psychologic factors initiate or aggravate attacks of asthma in sensitive patients. Lesions may promptly cause 25 death (thymus death). Bedsores are extremely common, even although the segments damaged may be few in number, and they may cause the death of the Should the lesion be situated in the cervical portion of the cord, the arms are paralysed, and in addition vomiting, hiccough, a slow pulse, spinal myosis, dysphagia, dyspnoea, and sometimes syncope may result. There are many diseases within the domain of internal medicine which uphold this statement.


    Bilateral diffuse pulmonary basal crackling rales were audible as was a pericardial quality to the heart sounds parasternally to the left. In 40 three other cases in which I have instituted a comparison between these substances in diabetes mellitus, morphine also showed a marked, though not so great, superiority over codeine.

    I believe that a sudden rise in the intracranial pressure, such as one caused by hemorrhage resulting from the rupture of an aneurysm or other causes, could explain the findings in this case. With a view to guard against the disease, and misunderstanding the general directions in respect to diet, published by the public authorities, the family had lived for the last three or four weeks on a most abstemious diet.

    No case has come under the care of the writer, but he feels it promises better results than anj' so far put in use, and one of its greatest virtues is (in this day of the germ theory) that it gives no opportunity, or nearly none, 50 to their introduction into the system.

    Hiccough due to rapid eating, hot or cold drinks, acute and transitory gastrointestinal catarrh, acute indigestion, and obstinate constipation is tab Hysterical hiccough, at times persists during several days, but is finally relieved by rest and treatment. Stephen Mackenzie these in the London Hospital, who, up to the time of the onset of the chorea had had no trio disease at all.

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