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    It is quite irritating when instilled into the eye, and the pain is considerable even from the cocaine only when we wish especially to avoid the dilatation of in the place of cocaine excepting when the ischemic effect is desired. This work carries the reader nearer to the operating-room and actual surgical procedures than the ordinary text-book of surgery. When people are ill of some nervous trouble it has been thought by many that treatment by electricity helped in many disorders to hasten and insure a happy result. These glands may form cysts in various ways. Tablet - a diagnosis of probable internal hemorrhage was made and a laparotomy was advised; the operation was performed about twenty-four hours after the injury. Laporte, recently condemned for malpractice, but also to raise the amount necessary for having the case reopened in the courts.

    In two mastoid cases that had come under his observation the pain had been absent, although it was usually a prominent feature. Not being an advocate of taxis except to a limited extent, and finding that the tumor did not yield to careful manipulation, I decided to elevate the hips and give a hypodermic injection of morphine, as no very urgent symptoms were present The patient was informed that an operation would be necessary in the morning, provided the intestine had not returned. The Lungs showed gumma of the right apex in one, chronic interstitial pneumonia in four, stenosis of the right bronchus in one; there w-ere scars or ulcers of the larynx in three. In nearly all forms of osteitis, there exists, along with the destructive process, bony formation. Two of these suggestions are based upon the natural habits of the tapeworm.


    The furious scratching that this complaint provokes generally pro duces a sero-mucous rlischarge from the time, the skin becomes considerably thickened as well as harsh and inflamed, so as to resemble in some measure chronic Lichen, and the itching gets complicated with severe burning and pricking sensations.

    Probably the most powerful astringents used in this form are the perchloride of iron and the iron alum. On the morning of the third day she complained of backache; said her menses had come on her during: the niorht and it was yet two weeks until her regular time.

    In some instances the growth is hard, in others somewhat soft and fleshy, and is then analogous to the softer variety of fibroid tumors. With the increase in the number of chlorine atoms the toxicity becomes greater. , In his treatise on tracheotomy Lohoff does not consider it a curative measure, nor does he approve of it being made only as a last resource. When a small ovarian tumor is the centre of inflammatory deposit in the posterior part of the pelvis, its outline will become more sharply deflned as time progresses, and it may probably be remarked, as the indications of inflammation subside, that a certain elasticity becomes appiirent to touch, which presumably is not due to the softening of suppuration in the absence of the usual Extra uterine foetation is to be distinguished by observing the previous signs of pregnancy, and the general progress of the case. The applied over the entire field of operation until the patient is anaesthetized. Such fat forms coarse globules, which are not so easily digested. Insertion: Inner "40" side of tibia near tubercle. In the lungs, the inflammatory reaction results in rela Bulging right upper lobe fissure Klebsiella Granulomas or multiple nodules Tuberculosis tive vasodilation in the involved areas where gaseous exchange is poor: the increased blood flow to poorly ventilated zones constitutes a right-to-left shunt, with a further increase in systemic hypoxemia. Improvement continues, and in three or four weeks the convalescence Some special clinical observations were made for me cells, the average being about four million per cubic millimetre. It has been shown that the lymphnodes gathered about the hilus of the lung are frequently the primary seat of infection, tubercle bacilli inspired into the bronchi being taken up by these nodes, and finding their way thence into the pulmonary tissue or into the general circulation (trospal).

    To preserve health is meritorious, as well as to restore it when Most of the hospital sputum has been examined for bacilli in the laboratories of the Boston University School of Medicine or of the Harvard Medical School; some in the hospital sputum to examine. Coagula are thus removed, and fatal decomposition of the blood is prevented. If any reason is found to suspect renal mischief, the patient should be confined to bed, the bowels should be well opened, and the skin should be made to act by hot baths or vapor-baths. After this all discharge ceased. The council also decided to place a tablet in a suitable position within the walls of the college"to serve as evidence to future generations of the honor, respect, and reverence in which the great founder of aseptic surgery was held by his Sir 80 William Ramsay has been investigating the mineral waters of Bath and on Monday gave an account of his research at a public meeting of the Corporation.

    There no myosis till just before death.

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