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He was surprised in looking over the text-books and literature on the treatment of carbolic acid poisoning, to find how little was written regarding the use of this remedy, which is so valuable, for we know that it stops almost instantly the action of carbolic on all tissues.

An attempt should be made to ascertam the fees charged by the beneficiary and the same fees should be charged for work done by the practitioner acting as his deputy.

If a healthy limb be examined, it will be found that when the thigh is elevated the foot remains in negative plantar flexion. The authors believe tliat the amount of salvarsan which can be introduced safely into the central nervous system is too small, and the intervals are too long between the treatments, to with special reference to a weak or impaired spermatozoa and the general diagnosis and treatment of the condition:" Many cases of sterility attributed to the woman are due to weak spermatozoa. In eight also had every four hours one drop of carbolic acid and three drops of tincture of iodine in water. The object is to remove coitus dangers from the husband and sometimes from the -wife by ceremonial rehearsal. Urethral instruments are rendered aseptic by washing with soap and water and subjected for twelve hours to the fumes of formaldehyde gas and kept in sealed glass tubes until ready Trusting that this brief outline will give you some idea of aseptic technique as we intrepret it, I beg to thank you very sincerely for your kind attention. All workers in that line of investigation seem to agree now more and more that alcohol, when taken for a long period, proves to be in the end as good a proteid saver recently that this proposition holds good also for the administration of alcohol during a febrile It is apparent that a filter constructed upon such principles, if the bed cannot be thoroughly cleaned, is worse than useless, it becomes indeed a positive source of danger; it is this defect that has rendered some of the devices now on the market It has been demonstrated that a simple bed of sand arranged in this way will remove all suspended matter and most of the bacteria. He stood silent a few moments, then turned to the class with tears in his eyes, and in a choked voice said:"You THE PROBLEM OF WATER PURIFICATION.

Daw.sou carried on a research for the Medical Kesearch Committee at Edinburgh. Anyone desirous of some pleasant reading about this genial and learned Bartram should take an hour or two with"The Memorials of John Bartram and Humphry Marshall" by Dr. The fingers can be only slightly abdupted; supination is lessened or lost: the triceps may be involredj" weakenitiK the power to extend the forearm. During the earliest into folds, usually transverse, which, in the course of time, extend anteroposteriorly to involve the parts from the sphincter to and beyond the interureteral ligament, and laterally beyond the tablet ureteral orifices. Least amount of the anaesthetic.

In the latter case the condition was probably due to carious teeth.

FRANCIS E PHIUDELPHIA ROSCHEL, MD. The muscular attachments to the sacrum are divided as far as the edge of the opening on the left side. His high sense of honor, unfailing courtesy, happy disposition and cheerful spirit, as well as his intellectual gifts, endeared him to us. Use of this water I have usually begun with a pint each day in divided doses taken before, during, or directly after meals, two or three times one quart, and then diminished the quantity per day if the necessities of the case seemed to so require. Passing to the blood, which is such an important tissue both in health and disease, and so involved in any consideration of protoplasm, we find its chemical composition to be water, proteids, salines, fats, and extractives. Death takes place in coma, and reitii.ssion of fever which may last from a few hours to a few days. Two conditions must be kept in mind; that the heat must be absorbed by the water and that the tissue must be rendered anaemic so that the rays may deeply penetrate. An early incision gives prompt relief. Traction is made on the fistulous tract by means of a forceps and over m3 the ischiorectal space a broad adhesive band or T bandage is placed. His was a frank and open nature, a true and honest Westerner who hated shams and empty pretensions.


Like other sciences, pathology is elaborated both from observation and experiment; from observation of cases of disease spontaneously arising, and from study of morbid conditions purposely and experimentally induced or modified. In the performance of vaccination the following instructions are to be observed: (a) Vaccination sbould at every stage be carried out with aseptic precautions, wtiich shouUl include the cleansing of the surface of the skin before vaccination, the use of sterilized iustrnmeats, and the protection of the vaccinated surface against extraneous infection both on tbe performance of tne operation and on inspection of the resalts. The twenty years that have passed have gone by rapidly. That a wise, legitimate activity, in gynecology, (not a wholesale use of invalids to swell the records of the tyros) is called for, the constant questioning of the last decade from every quarter renders apparent.

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