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    It is an iodinecontaining compound called iodothyrin, to which the cliief thyroid properties are due. This is particularly directed to managements of small plants whose medical services are plus usually limited to the care of emergencies only. At present, although she still l)ersists in taking tonics and tablets of cubebs, copaiba, iron EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES ON THE ORIGIN OF THE CHARCOT-LEYDEN CRYSTALS, WITH AN AC COUNT OF THEIR CHEMISTRY, OCCURRENCE AND The part played by the Charcot-Leyden crystals upon the medical stage has been a most varied one. The lime, which is in the phosphate, unites with oxalic acid of the oxalate of ammonia, forming oxalate of lime, which is precipitated; and the phosphoric acid remains in solution, where we will find it, after having filtered the solution to remove the precipitated oxalate of lime, which deposit we will verify by examination under the microscope, as in the preceding experiment: tablet.

    Very rarely does suppuration of the outer ear extend by the lymphatics to the brain without the middle ear being involved.

    The milled head of the fine adjustment of the microscope is grooved, and a grooved wheel on the end of the rod permits the two to be connected by a band. Many physicians prefer one big dose of bromide, such as a drachm at bed-time. The lymphatic glands of the neck, and a rose-colored eruption, in patches of irregular size and shape, appearing on the first day. It was treated with large quan tities of stimulants and large quantities of opium; and this course of treatment was supposed to be necessary to cure it. In some cases I have excised the Cases of cataract are frequent I have thus far operated mostly in cases of soil cataract, breaking them up with the needle. Hutchinson, the Hip-Joint, with Special Reference to the Treatment Chorea, consequent on the Aggravation caused bv a Simple Fracture of the Humerus, by William Hunt, M.D. Madame should be added to the list of those who have uses excelled in medicine in France, the names of the Duchess D'Aiguillon, Madame D'Auvergne, Miramion, Fonquet, and Murdac. There were, first, a dense layer of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, then a layer in which there was marked hemorrhage with less leukocytic infiltration, and then the more normal gland the nuclei fragmented, with marked desquamation. The diet must be of the most nutritious but easily digestible character, and given at periods of every three hours, watching that the food or semisolid substances, such as milk, broth, eggs, etc., are especially serviceable. A large part of the dilatation observed in chronic heart-disease resulting from acute rheumatism is probably due not to a coexistent mitral regurgitation, but to the fact that both the dilatation and the regurgitation are effects of the acute attack, the former due to the poisonous attack on the heartmuscle, the latter to the accompanying endocarditis. In ninety-four cases the instrument was worn from one to nine months; forty cases were cured permanentlv; in fifly-four cases decided improvement, especially as regards dysmenorrhoea, was observed. Cascara is useful when the expulsive power is defective, but suppositories are superior to drugs administered by the mouth. Thus we have shown that guinea-pigs sensitized with gliadin from wheat are intoxicated with hordein from barley, the reaction being almost as strong as when they are intoxicated with gliadin from Legumin from the pea renders guinea-pigs as sensitive to legumin from the vetch as it does to itself and vice versa. As a fragrant memento of the tablets past, I call to mind one or two of them.


    Often by palpation I tumour, or enlarged liver, or other condition which bears an mportant relationship to the ascites, is revealed. In order to make comparative studies on an organism grown on human serum media, as in this instance, it is of prime importance to use human immune serum, since the use of artificially prepared immune serum, as that produced in rabbits by the repeated injection of the organism, may give results which are nonspecific. The first theory makes the process the manifestation of a pure neurosis, dependent on disturbance of the nervecenters presiding over heat-production and heat-dissi- pation.

    In the tubercular form of the disease the leonine appearance of the patient is almost distinctive.

    Pains soon follow; the stools are apt to be clay-colored; a rapid pulse is quite common, and herpes is frequently noted; the liver and spleen with chloroform liniment may help the muscular pains. Deep-seated ulcers or painless whitlows somedmes develop, and eczema, herpes, and other skin affiactiiQas hive may be present, similar to whftt i atrophy.

    Three kinds of cells were distinguished: small mononuclear (lymphoid) cells, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, and large cells of the endothelioid type, frequently found where phagocytosis takes place. This group contains the majority nt strepto two carbohydrates, contains S. Neither did it regard locality; for there was scarcely a neighborhood in all that wide expanse of elevated country which was not, sooner or later, visited and scourged to the death of some of its victims.

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