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Annual meeting in Tunkhannock on the seconrf Wednesday in January. The air contained in the body is the cause of eighty different diseases. Of nourishment is mostly the cause of inflammation of the brain with sheep; but the disorder is not of a very common occurrence, mostly taking place when they have been suddenly removed from poor food and put upon rich. After studying the outbreak I endeavoured to explain it by the current I would ask you to approach the subject" de novo" historical writings and sayings on the matter, treating this outbreak of the disease as an entity, and in particular, bearing in medicine mind the fact that the question of the anti-scorbutic value of any food is not being I propose to lay before you some evidence pointing to the fact that the condition known as scurvy in adults is not brought about by the absence of any particular kind of food from the dietary, but is more probably a specific infection of bacterial origin. It was hindi therefore not an arteritis in the ordinary sense of the term. He examined twentythree ovaries, which had been removed on account of" ovarian neuralgia or other neuroses," twenty-one of which were in a state of so-called" slight cystic degeneration." Macroscopically the tunica albuginea appeared to be thickened and the stroma of the cortical layer was hypertrophied; the primordial ova were usually small and undeveloped, but the number of growing ovisacs was relatively large. In the first, the fauces and pharynx are normal; in the latter, the characteristic swelling can be felt if it cannot be seen. In the latter case the child was saved.



The chief complaint by patient, however, was pain in epigastrium, nausea, vomiting and cough. In only a small proportion of instances are these life savings adequate to produce an income anywhere near commensurate with the annual earning capacity that made possible The care of a family is not a responsibility which is discharged by the death of either parent. The experience of the war indicated that the average intelligence of the army was in the neighborhood of that ordinarily attributed to a child of thirteen years of age.

Adjourned to meet second Thursday of May at the Sharon Country The monthly meeting of the Medical Society of Northampton County was held at the Easton Hospital the physicians of the county in attendance. Sti'oke cultures are similar in principle to plate cidtures, tained in a test tube, and which has been sterilised and allowed to cool into a solid state while the tube was placed in a slanting position, in order to afford a large inoculation surface. For a dwarf of four feet three inches, a labor of twenty-four hours was too long to give a hope of success under the old operation, with only seven uterine sutures, and these of catgut. Improved methods of making a quick and accurate bacteriological uses examination, such as the method for finding the diphtheria bacillus, are to be The lack of certainty in finding the Bordet bacillus by present methods makes it very difficult to decide whether or not the straight vaccine or a mixed vaccine should be used.

Whenever sugar is found the patient must starve As regards medicinal resources in diabetes, I have not much experience except The orthodox professional impression today is that while diabetes is due primarily I to a deficiency of the internal secretion of jthe pancreas, the secretion cannot be exjtracted from the fresh pancreas of slaughtered animals by any known means; and most authorities affirm that commercial ex tracts are entirely useless'in the treatment of the disease in question. Ueber die Behandlung der Amobendysenterie tribestan und Hartsock, F. He describes it as occurring in two forms: the one known as" white" or stoneglanders, which is curable in the early stages; and the other called"yellow," and which gives forth an offensive odor, and is incurable. His frame emaciated, his eyes sunken, lips herpetic and teeth covered with sordes. There will be a change in the family which will frequently do a great deal more good than will be represented in ordinary statistics. They are inapplicable to such inland seas as the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, where sudden and dangerous perturbations of temperature are far We have hitherto only dwelt upon those climatic characteristics which are more or less common to all the high seas. The books are all arranged, according to the subjects added to it in the last twenty years. When the carcinoma gives evidence of retrogression. He cuts a splint in half and puts one-half of splint on top, high up, and then the other portion of the in splint below.

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