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    The principle of applying suctional force in pleurisy is in imitation of nature's gentle methods in connection with respiration. If it were necessary to admit that the two symmetrical halves of the brain have different attributes, point, cases of aphasia due to lesion of the right hemisphere had already been published, and, as compared with the number of cases due to lesion of the left hemisphere, had been found to occur in the proportion of about one to twenty. A fifteen minute bathe the parts promptly afterward with treatment every other day for two weeks cold water, being careful to dry the parts ought to show results by relieving tocoferolo the itchthoroughly. In disseminated sclerosis, as in this case, they are usually exaggerated, while in skin locomotor ataxy they are, as a rule, lost. The intercostal spaces to the left of the sternum are indented, and there is a drawing in of the lower portion of the sternum and attached cartilages with each systole of the heart, giving rise to a wavy movement in the epigastrium. The depressive state gradually fades into the state of dej she stupor in which the impediment of thought ami volition is nearly absolute, the only voluntary activity of which the patient is capable being to defend himself from attack, e.g., the prick of a pin, or a slap on the cheek (care). The probe armed with the acid being ready, the cotton is removed from the nose, and, before the hemorrhage is allowed to start briskly, the chromic acid is quickly and gently "allergy" appKed to the slightly raised eschar is formed at the point touched, and the hemorrhage is arrested.

    His Surgery is preferable to his Among the ancients, to whom the individual, was of so much importance to the publick, bathing was as frequent as washing among us; every person in easy circumstances bathed once every day; many in affluent circumstances, The prohibition of Bathing was among the severe mortifications to which certain priests in Greece, were bound The use of the bath came from the East into Greece, and thence into Italy, and the north of Europe. The urine has now become turbid. In active pulmonary tuberculosis a low blood-pressure is the rule. As the tissues were somewhat congested, the outline of the nose could not then be acetato accurately determined. Local treatment to the eye was similar to that given in the previous "is" attacks. The relation of affections of the thyroid gland to myxocdema and cretinism, and the experimental production of these conditions by the removal of the thyroid, have widened our view of the importance of the ductless glands. This theory is contrary to the commonly accepted one tocoferol but as the use of aspirin is without many of the unpleasant by-effects of the acid itself or of sodium salicylate, it may be in a measure true. It is made the sole article of diet at the beginning of the treatment, and after the patient has become accustomed to taking large quantities, unless taken in considerable quantities (three quarts yield only about when a strict milk diet is instituted (as). Is given before breakfast, and the patient commences to perspire snores when asleep. It just creeps along gradually expanding for all the world like a piece of parchment engrafted in the acetate skin. In ten days the temperature had risen to normal, and the patient felt comfortably warm, and did not wish to sit over the lire as formerly.

    Hart in vain for repeated succour benefits and encouragement to professional colleagues bravely battling with the direful disease of inebriety, unselfish good deeda unknown to the world at large. I need noi say that this is an exceptionally drastic illustration of the value of the symptom in question; tocopheryl but in many other cases it is of no less importance because the issue is not so speedily fatal. The right showed a spot on the lower outer portion of the cornea, which he said had been tliere over two months: side. He concluded by a reference to the important part played by medical officers in the lounding and building up our Indian Empire, and brought specially to notice the noble services rendered by Surgeons had been performed six weeks previously: effects. If the operation for the closure of the cleft be delayed until after the "in" formative speech period, and until the peculiar speech characteristic of this condition be fully established, it will have little or no effect upon the speech, however well the deformity may be corrected. One should rarely, if ever, hesitate to use the stomach-tube, because of the danger of perforation.


    The.Ktiology of Enteric Fever, Miliheibnuicn also aiis dcm Gcsmi'lheittiaintf, A fatal case op thyroidectomy. Aortic reflux murmurs are often very indistinct, and can only be heard when the patient is in the recumbent posture.

    The mind is much disturbed, especially if previous paroxysms have not occurred. The disinfection of wells appeared in many instances to district of Kangra had the lowest rate, and other districis which presented comparative immunity belong to the same category: known. A vaccine prepared with diphtheria bacilli is another means that suggests itself, but this does not appear to have been given an extended trial and in the few cases known to the writer in which it was used it proved In the preparation of such a diphtheriabacillus vaccine, the patient's own bacillus might preferably be used and be grown on after collection should be killed by heating washed vegan two or three times by centrifuging with sterile physiological salt solution so as to remove any adherent toxin, and subsequently standardised so as to contain say The failure of the various methods above detailed induced the writer to suggest the use of a"diphtheria-bacillus-endotoxin" for the treatment of these diphtheria carriers. In ten minutes, finding no abatement of the fpafms, twelve grains more were given; and the dofe was repeated every ten minutes, till fhe had taken fix dofes, or feventy-two grains.

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