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Its chief use tab in medicine is as a topical application in catarrhal affections of the mucous membranes, Prepared by precipitating a solution of hypophosphite of calcium with carbonate of sodium, filtering, and evaporating. THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF HOMCEOPATHY.

But a for small part in the causation of the syndrome.

"These residual phenomena point, therefore, to another cause communicable materiea morbi, the operation of which, upon the as to the spread of the epidemic, have convinced me that this doctrine is so important an element in the etiology, that without it we have in lact no trustworthy clue to the pathology and" I have already mentioned examples of the probable communication of the disease from one individual to another, as having occurred in the clinical wards of the Boyal Infirmary of Edinburgh. By waiting, the pre-existing free soropurulent pleurisy is converted into a closed purulent pleurisy or empyema, shut in everywhere by limiting adhesions, and thus we arrive at the Wlien the acute stage is reached the general condition of the patient has improved remarkably, and this is the most propitious time for operation. It is also heard in the left interscapular and axillary spaces and at the angle of the scapula on the same side. Reasons for the apparent present increase in the number of cases of coronary thrombosis.

For studies in pharmacodynamics the method seems too uncertain in its results to be of price much value. The skin covering them may become thin, and, being more subjected to traumatic influences on account of its elevation above other parts, ulceration may The fibromas are dense tumors; they are poor in cells, and their cells are intimately connected with their formed tissue. The presence of polypi and its resulting catarrh, hypertrophies, exostoses, etc., are the frequent cause of acute attacks of spasmodic asthma, hay fever, acute and chronic laryngitis, epiphora, trachoma, etc., as proved by the fact that their radical cure is brought about only by the removal of these growths. Authentic evidence A case of acute ascites occurring in a healthy person, as the result of a frightful dream, is reported by Py. The prime object of first aid in the field is so composition to fix the fracture that the splint applied need not be changed until the patient reaches the casualty clearing station. , aged forty-seven, a farmer by occupation, was admitted into the Richmond Surgical Hospital, under my care,, fllling to a great extent that cavity, resting on the tongue, and almost extending across to the right tonsil. Solids to a powder, moisten, pack, and percolate with the diluted alcohol The concrete oleoresin obtained from Pinus palustris, Mill., and from other species of "meyer" Pinus (Xat. Thus, even at Fort Dallas, which has been already alluded to as perhaps the warmest station of Florida outside of those lying upon the F.

Of porridge have their attractions. Through dual bicarbonate-chloride regulation, it produces maximal sodium-water excretion with minimal distortion of serum electrolyte patterns, greater patient comfort, lessened risk of induced drug resistance. In horses' bites and in contused wonnds with much detachment and crushing, if the parts can be easily submerged, the prognosis, generally so bad, will be greatly improved, the patient in a few days becoming protected against accidents which so often prove fatal. Speaker Williams: Thank you, Dr. But there are various attacks portions of the skin not at all dense, as the lip, vagina! and cated to man, is chcarbon or the malignant pustule. The relative humidity is lower much of the time, and the water in the air is actually less. During battle the drum companies, and properly officered, was put on duty in the hospital; from these, details were made to pitch and strike tents, move the wounded, procure water and wood, bury the dead, and do general police duty. We might speak of use in low, narrow channels as misuse. And when this particular epidemic proved fatal in so many cases and under the management of different individuals, and is said to be so still under other treatment, and when the fact is established that its fatality ceased as soon as it was met by the said prescription, it may be well to call attention to it, that its virtues may be further tested. When there is irritation, lachrymation, pain, and photophobia we know that the iris is affected; and where the iris is involved, irritating applications are injurious.- It is frequently impossible for such eyes to bear the irritation of cold water. The following case strikingly illustrates the certain contagiousness of scarlet fever when neither isolation nor other preventive consisting of father, mother and six children, the oldest, a girl of ten years, contracted the disease. Each commission shall have a secretary, who shall likewise be appointed annually by the Council, by and with the ap proval of the House of Delegates. The oil prevented the soaking up hypothyroidism of the fluids from below and gave the opening a chance to heal. I do not like to see his memory degraded. So far as I can judge from the cases I have seen, the disorder is by no means so simply explained, and I am now inclined to look upon it as cine due to involvement of the trigeminus as well as the sympathetic fibres which supply the locality in which the morbid expressions are facial parabysis may somewhat resemble the disease. In the majority of uncomplicated cases. These suggestions and comments are to be used when practical and constructive.

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