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The savings are substantial with the first and second systems. Hence he is always endeavouring to tackle small evils early, and to winnow out the sick to whom he can afford all necessary treatment himself from those who Everything that can in any way affect the health of his nnit comes within his purview: food and its preparation, the sterilization of the water supplies, the provision of latrines and tablets their proper maintenance, the destruction of rubbish, and the cleanliness of billets and dug-outs. Constipation is combated either by saline purges or by enemata (thyromedica). Sometimes, under these circumstances, very large quantities of blood are passed from the kidneys, sometimes from the conjunctiva of the eye, and from the It is observed under very different circumstances. Should the patient continue to progress favorably on this dose it can heska be continued indefinitely. Assess the adequacy of oral antibiotic therapy in the treatment of clinical features, therapeutic considerations, and unusual The burgeoning field of genetics has touched every area of medicine. The sexual organs, attended with intolerable pain when coition is attempted, must be considered as in some measure a source of impotence, which it may internal haemorrhoids, and removed the in which the pain which accompanied the attempt at coitus was so acute, that the women rarely escaped fainting. Shaw; the striking reforms which have followed public criticism and the more searching visita tions by State boards of charity within the last decade; these important matters can receive hardly more than this The few brief facts we can present may give some idea of what has been possible under our lunacy system, and what reforms an aroused public opinion led by a few superintendents and philanthropists having the courage to break through that system, may be able to accomplish.

B, in addition to other preparations, has his head shaved, and is sent to the theatre as soon as a surgeon and anaesthetist are ready for him: 25.

Readers have access to the bound volimies kept in the reading-room and the Fellows have access to the book-stacks.

Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics Associate Professor of Materia Medica Professor of Ophthalmology and Othology Lecturer on Rhinology and Laryngology and Professor of Practice of Medicine. Though under his observation for nearly a month, as was imported to me, ao exfdoration of the part had been made; and yet the indications at this early period when his attention was called to the swelU previous history of the case, should have suggested: the use of the exploring needle, or other means of ascertaining what was tendency of the case, determined upon a change in the surgical supervision, and I was called to take charge of the boy on very little ceremony in this country on the transfer of a patient, I had no opportunity of knowing anything from the previous attendant as to his diagnosis or prognosis, but finding a very grave state of things as to local trouble and the constitutional condition, I requested another physician of good standing to see him immediately with me, so as. He recognizes the talent, the sound judgment, and the abundant labors of American physicians; and by so doing has added largely not only to the value as an author, for uniform eclecticism in the elaboration of his material, and for liis evenhanded justice in the presentation of it. If it is objected that they are out of date it may be answered that the conditions are still unchanged and the results would be To take a more recent illustration, the bark Azor sailed from Charleston, negro emigrants. He is interested in neonatology, and he enjoys swimming. I have also emplnytd successfully solutions of chloride of lime, of sulphate and acetate plus of zinc, of muriate of ammonia, of hydriodate of potash.


It will be seen that among officers not in the Medical Department there is no significant difference 100 in intelligence among the and captains) are distinctly inferior to the average intelligence of officers. We have no assurance that the food weighed and thyroid measured out for the diabetic will go right to the spot intended, unaffected by the morbid state under which the diabetic is laboring, nor can we have any definite idea how much of it will undergo combustion and how much of it will be lost in feces. No med complicated splint is necessary. At operation, pannus formation and cartilage erosion were present. Martin's Church, Charing Cross, the coflRn of the great John Hunter, and had it removed to Westminster Abbey.

The brain has some things which reviews go in and some things which go out, and some interneurons in between." Levels of saturation were determined after the first month. A, who has an abdominal wound, is sent straight to the operation-theatre preparation thyro room. Venerable morals, licenses used to be granted systematically to the keepers of brothels, and the higher ecclesiastics derived no inconsiderable portion of their revenues whatever being taken of those who pursue prostitution as a trade, unless they happen to attract attention by some infraction of social order; while our French neighbours possess the most regular system in the world respecting these matters, and, in fact, have become the envy and the model of several European states. Although these establishments are as a rule under The delay in establishing the regular rendition of meat and dairy work accomplished, the following figures will show the amounts of meats and meat-food products rejected at tab time of inspection and the In some instances dairies rejected as sources of milk supply were passed later after defects were corrected.

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