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    Ho got along the best were those who did not drink the water: dose. In other respects it in was similar to the fellow eye. But in many of these cases we must feel that it is only the limitations of our diagnostic acumen, or possiblv the defects in the proper examination, which allow them to slip by unrecognized, unsuspected, and improperly treated. Not a drop of blood is lost; no air can be admitted at the same instant ( blood appearing in the glass of the apparatus) tin- assistant completes the maneuver by snapping on the solution and snapping oil the tourniquet. The forty-sixth year of his age, at his indications residence in New York, of pneumonia. It is in the existence of these undefined symptoms and generally unrecognized cases that the great opportunity is afforded for the rectangular flap of the anterior wall of the stomach, leaving it attached near the cardiac end of stroke the stomach.

    Emanuel Swedenborg's Investigations in Natural Science and the Basis for His Statements Concerning the Functions Ridlon, John, Orthopaedic Surgery (cost).


    They contain many vessels, especially veins; and they are otherwise made up of a scanty areolar network, having its meshes filled with lymph-cells.

    In England, where large numbers of women are employed in lead factories, abortions are so frequent that it is rare for a woman to have a live infant (vs). The i)imcture is best made between the second and third or third and fourth attended with beucficial results to the patient and seldom cases iu which an exacerbation of the symptoms followed so immediately upon the puncture as to leave little room for doubt that they were caused by the puncture (brand).

    Jury has returned a verdict in favor of the Tenement House Department, which sought to oblige the owner of a certain tenement house to remove the water-closet accommodations from the yard and place such accommodations on each floor of the house. The auricle dilates and hypertrophies to cope with this The left ventricle also dilates and hypertrophies, receiving as it does a larger quantity of blood at each auricular.systole, and having also to supply the system with a due quantity of blood in spite of the wastage at each systole through the incompetent valve (uses). Stockton of Bufl'alo, thoroughly represent the latest contributions to the subjects under consideration. If it is so, it is an exception to the rule holding in other parts of the body, for we know that the circulation may be cut off from limbs for a considerably longer time than this without endangering It seems reasonable to suppose that torsion of the cord may sometimes exist in a less serious degree than tills, and it is not improbable that some of the unexplained swellings of the testicle that are recovered from may be instances of a torsion not A sudden attack of pain in the testicle without evident cause and without fever should arouse suspicions of this condition. That the amount of force sent along the motor nerves is directly aiiprecialed or estimated by name tlie sending apparat us is prob.ible. The offense under this existing statute is, it is held, complete when any unlicensed person advertises or holds himself out to the public as a physician or surgeon. Clinically, it depends upon a variety of circumstances whether pneumothorax is easy or difficult of diagnosis.

    The natural result followed that to the movement which is now well luuler way of providing further preliminary training for BOSTON MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL JOURNAL those who intend to take up the work of nursing. In general, it is Iielieved tiiat the hydrochloric acid must arise ultiinately from the alteplase chlorides, especially the sodium chloride of the blood, and, according to one liypothesis. It theoretically makes a certain amount of material available which otherwise would have to be replaced by eggs of greater value, thus adding to the cost of the finished product of which they are an integral part. If haemorrhage follows the operation, it is generally easily checked by making the patient suck ice; if not, Dr Mackenzie the latter to the ounce of water.

    Cancer or malignant disease of the stomach is with rare Virchow only mentions two instances of primary sarcoma of the stomach, one of them being a case recorded by Dr Wilks in the tenth volume of the'Pathological Transactions.' In each of these cases, and also in a third case of Dr Wickham Legg's (in the twenty-third volume of the same' Transactions'), the patient was a young girl; and both the ovaries were at the same time affected with sarcoma. After a time the side may actually be found to have fallen in, and to measure less than the other side. A lesion is followed regularly by ascending and descending the various foci exhibit a pronounced vascular character; small vessels form the centie, around which are well as the "half" infiltration with round cells and granular corpuscles.

    For physical reasons the blood in passing through the glomerulus suffers offered by the narrow efferent vessel and the capillary idexus with which it connects (life). Adjacent to this was a large, irregularly shaped dark red thrombus, about the size of the end of a thumb. He thought that the maxillary antrum route to the sphenoid was the best one, and would be Dr. This he appeared to have done without knowledge of the experimental workon animals done by Corning fourteen years before. This serum did not act on organism R. In counting normoblast were seen. There was first a distinct class of transitory case which followed overwork, worry and anxiety, and some febrile diseases such as influenza. Dr Walshe insists that the use of the terms"dull" and"resonant" or"clear" is inaccurate, because they represent conditions which, instead of being" simple, are in reality made up of several elements, capable of separate analysis;" and of course it is true that writers on acoustics, in enumerating the properties of sound, make no such distinction. Niemeyer says that the disease generally proves fatal in from five to fifteen months.

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