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The subject of plural births in the human animal is one that has always attracted the attention of the curious, whether regarded from the anatomical or from the developmental point of view. It does probably fall short of perfection, but the fact is, there is no practical difference in the composition of the mother's milk from the time of the beginning of lactation until the end of it. But the great remedy is change from low to cheerful spirits; from filth to cleanliness; and from a cold and damp, to a temperate and dry climate, with change price of food, and especially the use of green The general principles of management are the same in sea, as in laud scurvy. Pharmaceutical Chemtsts, A Scientific Blendin g of True Santal and Saw Palmetto in a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle, j A Vitalizing Tonic to tiie Reproductive System. In many cases, even after the digital operation has been sucessfully carried out, the curette will bring away shreds of membrane, and it is very often these that cause the most severe haemorrhages. This method, whic is supposed to act by very material! increasing the coagulability of the bloc has been employed to so large extent i toeing a wise procedure, and in our ow experience with it in this country, it h; given results which justify a contini ance of its employment: amh. It has also been found by Richardson to be a valuable drug for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection by of typhoid fever germs, since it so disinfects the urine of typhoid patients that the bacillus of Eberth is destroyed. In this way about one-third of the great apron was sacrificed. The fever present in the primary disease usually rises somewhat with the development of myocarditis, and may be septic in type in the case of abscess. Version, for instance, in cases of a contracted cervix, and extraction with the aid of free incisions, does not seem to me to be recommendable. It is said to be was formerly worn as effects an r.nulet, to cure diseases OPHROST UMIYLOX, Bryonia all a. HYP ERSTHENIC! S, Active, Stimulant (telpres). Matlock is a village 20 in Derbyshire, England, at which body. Nothing is fixed in the application of them, nothing invariable in the plans of treatment which they are to furnish; so that, excepting some general principles which are, in consequence of their general nature, but little adapted to assist in the detail of each particular case, it seems as if the theoretical knowledge of a physician is reduced to nothing at the bedside of the sick, and his practical skill appears to reside entirely in a sort of instinct improved by habit. For these spurs was analogous to trying to amputate a Dr.


In the production mg of animal heat the fats come first and the carbohydrates second. One teaspoonful of CELERINA taken just When writing advertisers please mention this Journal: tab.

These were conveyed, in open carriages, to Dendermonde, a journey which was not completed in less than four days. Otherwise we must be willing to acquiesce permanently in a position of philosophic doubt, and to make that which should be but the beginning the end of philosophy, namely, a scepticism, which indeed cannot be argued with, but will inevitably refute itself by doubting its own existence.

The inner coat loses its transparency, becoming of a dull leaden color, and in the later stages may be eroded and stained with blood-pigment from the clot within the vessel.

Klein, Irving Jay Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. The less fortunate persons who are unable to avail themselves of the advantages of change of climate must be impressed with the necessity of avoiding those conditions by which bronchial irritation is excited. The statement, however, has been declared incorrect, as far as it relates to the precise number of cases, for, in some kinds of insanity, the proportion of cured is greater, in others it is less. We manufacture cotton and wool and shoes and iron.

The patients are very ill and often die, but it is hard to tell how many of their symptoms are ilue to the kidney lesions. Olette, in tin- department Pyrenees Orientales, is a thermal spring, whieh raises the thermometer filiation of ether) (80). The affection is not infrequently due to the extension of an ordinary coryza.

The examination of the blood blood cells c. HYPOTROPH'IA,from'vtto,'under,' and rpoqir,,' nourishment.' Scanty nourishment, or nutrition: 40.

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