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Peters performed encapsulation of both kidneys at one sitting.

Having promised us that before very long it will be possible to modify old age into a healthy and happy process, the author proceeds to the scientific study of death. The number of members is limited to forty, who are generally The following Academies for the Improvement of Science have been founded, in the dif, ferent provinces of France: t The date of the inftitution. If, in each of our large centres, some one or more workers were to make cultures of the bacilli from a long series of such acute cases, and were to apply Smith's test, the relative frequency of infection from human and bovine sources would be determined. The "tazofast" technique is somewhat complicated as yet, but not too much for ordinary laboratory methods. Regulations prohibiting objectionable noises at night received attention. Prolongations of the peritoneum beyond the surface"of the great intestine, which are analogous in texture and arrangement to and pendere,'to hang,')'to hang from.' Any part that adheres to an organ or is continuous Appendix Auriculae, see Auricles of the Appendice vermiforme, A.


It would appear to us almost certain that the ancient basilisk must have been either the cobra di capello, or one of the serpents described by an intelligent traveller under the names of buskah and el effah as being still found in these, indeed, judging of it from the draAving which he gives must be a variety of the cobra or coluber naja, L. Sprengel inclines to think that the scytala was the anguis respecting its venomous quahties.

Especial interest to the practitioner who deals with children. I am not sure that it may not sometimes be missed at such periods even by these delicate reactions, although out of a considerable number of negative inoculations I have so far had none in which the subsequent operation or course of the disease failed to show the patient to The methods which I use are careful palpation over both kidneys and the course of both ureters including their vesical ends; a visual inspection of the bladder; in the absence of definite lesions of this viscus, a catheterization of the ureters, and the submission of the separated urines not only to a microscopical examination by an expert, including a careful search of staih'ed specimens for the tubercle bacillus, but also to the injection of a portion of each sediment into a separate guinea-pig. The improvement continued progressively until all of the abnormal manifestations had disappeared, perfect recovery ultimately ensuing. In these cases it acts as a powerful internal antiseptic. Europe stands between us and danger from the East; self-preservation must arouse THE LOCAL ERADICATION OF MALARIA.

REVIEW IN DISEASES OF CHILDREN. With respect to children the conviction is gradually settling in the minds of pediatrists that typhoid is common in childhood. The peritoneum overlying each artery is divided, care being taken to avoid the ureter which is thus drawn outward. The same prescriptions as our author.

There inj is one difficulty and that is tlie definition of neurosis. They tend to nauseate, an inclination otherwise too common, and. The only precaution necessary is, to use it in the state of greatest heat and exacerbation; not when chilliness, or topical inflammation, is in contact with the teeth. He had no doubt the best intention to avoid the hybrid term ovariotomy, and produced instead a genuine all-Greek word, but he only demonstrated the danger of the attempt to coin new formations in Greek as long as one is not familiar enough with this language. The discovery made a few years ago that a large number, at least of the typical cases of summer diarrhea, are produced by infection of the alimentary canal with the Bacillus dysenteriae, Shiga has added much interest to the study of these dangerous disorders among infants, and has led to the hope that the effort to stamp out this widespread yearly epidemic may be more intelligently, and hence more successfully, directed. It is proposed to draft at Monte Carlo the laws to be submitted to the association in respect to property rights in scientific publications. He also mentions that loss of speech is sometimes the consequence of the upper part of the spine being injui'ed, Rhases relates the case of a man who lost the sensibihty of his arms from an injuiy of the last vertebra of the neck, produced by a fall from a horse. The pain in syphilitic iritis is generally persistent; it continues throughout the day and night until relieved by local treatment, such as leeching. There is also a transmission of this murmur up the right carotid. Starch is met with abundantly in all the cereal grains, in the stalks of many of the palms, in some lichens, and in many tuberous roots, particularly in the bulbs of the orchis. Two years the surgical treatment of diseases of the stomach has received more general attention by physicians and surgeons than any other one branch of surgery. Urticaria of the Upper Respiratory Tract.

He prepared it according to Lister's method of preparing catgut in carbolic oil, but also stated that if desired it could be furthered hardened by putting it in chromic acid one half percent, solution for seven hours.

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