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Where the patient is too weak to bear the loss of blood, a large, warm, linseed-meal poultice to the abdomen often gives perceptible relief. It has been our custom at the Michael Hospital during recent years to hold an examination at about the same time as that of other hospitals. The students on an average are at least five years older than our students. Vf hen the spasm of the bronchial tubes is combined with congestion of the mucous membrane, or increased secretion, the treatment must be varied accordingly. The glands increase in size; the skin covering them, and the cellular membrane surrounding them, become thickened and inflamed; so that they become less moveable, and more tender to the touch. Caflein has been and still is used very largely as wheart stimulant or so'callcd tonic. OPERATION DAYS AT tablet THE HOSPITALS.

Of the next meeting, the time to be fixed by It was unanimously aereed that this was one of the most profitable meetings of the It is so seldom that we find plain economic logic applied to the field of public health, that we cannot refrain from re-quoting at length the following editorial which appeared in the Southwestern Dispatch of comments refer to the situation created in county; they are applicable to any county in Arizona or New Mexico, whether a full time health officer is employed or whether that advanced stage of common sense in public health has not yet been attained: are doing some pretty hard thinking in regard to the matter of county health officer, following the out in California.

Out I am unable to account for this discrepancy, and further observations in England are very desirable, to determine whether national peculiarities dry make any difference.

All descriptions by various authors of the histological changes refer to this classical reaction.

This disproves the present view, which, he says, is based on insufficient experimental evidence. Fortunately, we have passed the age where operative conclusions are hastily made. Occasionally pial round cell drops infiltration has been observed. The following method will rtin tbrdngh about eighty an hotn: Thirty recruitii are admii'cd weighs and measures the rccrait. In pericarditis following or associated with infectious, arthritis, tonsilitis, chorea or any one of the rheumatic group the writer institutes at once antirheumatic treatment, preferably sodium salicylate with potassium citrate. It is true that some experts assert that there may be toxins remaining in differences between milks that are sanitary and insanitary, proviflH these are properly pasteurized, are comparatively slight. Even at the very tip of Europe, where the waters of the Arctic Ocean lave the shore, there is an abundance of beautiful wild-flowers. It has been the goal towards which all else has apparently tended.


Vevers (Hereford) syrup seconded," That a copy of rules and a list of members be sent to each member of the Branch". In delicate, nervous, and chlorotic persons, tonics, chalybeates, cold or shower baths, change of air, a nourishing diet, improvement of the digestion and general health, with moderate exercise. Shaklee points out that the temperature-regulating in man is much more sensitive than that in the monkey. As the liquor sangmnis contains both albumen and fibrin, and all the other elementary substances necessary to nutrition, it is obvious that it is equal to the use thus assigned to it. A grain of sand gets into the eye, pain is produced, and in a short time the vessels of the conjunctiva become filled with red blood, and obviously enlarged. Some of these impart to the liniment the consistence of a paste, but do not further interfere with its character Experimental Inoculation with Cultivations of Pyogenic experiments in which dogs (as the animals which proved most suitable) were inoculated with pure cultivations of the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, or filtrates containing the toxic principle of the organism. As physician to Henry VIII, and later to Mary, his influence was great so that he was able to suppress ignorance among medical practitioners, as no one had been able to do before him.

When the disease advances without control, it often terminates fatally within twenty-four or forty-eight hours, and death is preceded by typhoid symptoms, great prostration of the vital powers, sudden cessation of pain, sharpened countenance, distension of the abdomen by liquid or gas, vomiting of a coffee-coloured fluid, cold extremities, and coma. There was a third fontanelle midway between the anterior and posterior ones in the sagittal suture.

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