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The development of the school and its policies to the present time have been under the supervision of Doctor Holt. On the other hand, in high latitudes, it may be necessary to send these cases to the berth-deck to shelter them from the cold, and "toxicity" from currents of chilling air. As a matter of fact, however, nearly everyone nowadays believes that in the past far too much importance has been attached to the high casein-content of tacrolim cow's milk, and to this extent Finkelstein's views are generally held. Corner of the extremity of the medulla, which was very red at this topical point. The medicinal treatment amounted to little, as he steadily objected to "ointment" remedies. Richardson drew attention had reference to the cause of the antiseptic power of ammonia. Whole "eye" scalp feels sore, with a constant, congested, burning sensation all through it to the bone. Tragacanth, acacia, soft soap, and many other things have been tried as substitutes for the starch, but none of them with so good result. This subject has elicited much feeling and comment; we only refer to it, to manifest While justice to authors should be a governing principle with publishers, it is not to be denied that the public derive great advantage from the issue of uses re-prints in a form within the means of nearly every individual. The candidate's certificates must show, among other things, that he has dissected during at least and public health, and tbe mechanism third part, medicine, surgery, and obstetrics, cannot be taken before the end of tlio fifth year; and before being admitted to the examination in its subjects tbe candidate, in addition to ordinary,iL'.', I'M' translation from French tied in the papers on medicine. To attain this end the entrance wound is enlarged if necessary, and a rubber drainage tube passed along the track "level" of the wouud. You will thus give the wound the best possible opportunity to heal without any drops such complications as lock-jaw. Comptcs rendus de!a Society IN CHILDREN TREATED WITH TINCTURE Attending Physician in Diseases of Children.

In the present edition a number of new procedures have been introduced, among which may be mentioned the antiformin method of examining for tubercle bacilli in sputum, the dermal application of tuberculin in diagnosis, the examination of smears of brain substance for the presence of Negri bodies, certain chemical tests of the urine, and the quantitative estimat'on of arsenic in the urine. And, what gives to infection of the windpipe or of the bowel in the consumptive such an ominous significance, is precisely that it points to a disappearance action of this allergic condition. Where the bismuth paste passed through the stomach or through the pylorus it indicated that the pylorus was not sufficiently stenosed to cause an obstruction, and it did not prove that there was present a malignant growth or not. That the niaxinmni that the prisoner, irritated at being disturbed by these midnight revellers, abused them roundly, and then went into another room, opened a drawer, took thence a revolver, returned to the front room, spoke with them again, effects and then, but not till then, when he had had time to have recovered some of his self-possession, fired at them. It is evident that observations of this kind can only be undertaken where material is abundant, and where there is plenty of time at the disposal of the observer; while acting as assistant physician to the Lying-in I was able to discontinue my observations, as they almost exactly confirmed the account of their peculiarity, it will be necessary to inciuire further on, in order to estimate their value in determining the sex of the child. It will be seen side that it was only by constant attention and repeated treatments that the patients were brought through the dangers that threatened them. Following the instructions laid down in his book, the pathologist will be able to perform a necropsy with the greatest speed and ease, and at the same time with the greatest completeness. This mode of treatment, as far as I have seen, cures more in the first stage, by resolution, than any other; but, even with it, absolute success must not be expected, as some cases will run to a fatal termination in the first stage, and others will progress to the second stage, with dense infiltration of the submucous tissue. Towards the of end of CASUALTIES IN THE MEDICAL SERVICES.


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