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    In this country also, in studying records of accidents among factory employees, street-car motormen, automobilists and bus drivers, more than half the accidents have been found to occur to a relatively small proportion in of the men. A few days later, further swelling about three inches behind and above the first opening made it necessary to make another incision in the occipital region. This condition occurs as an almost constant symptqm of chlorosis, both in males and females, and is often accompanied by cold feet and hands, cold perspiration of the palms and soles, a mild degree of acne rosacea, with a nose purple and cold at the tip, a disposition to frost-bite upon the fingers and toes, and by indigestion; while "sulphacetamide" with females scanty or too copious menstruation and chloasma uterinum are especially noticed. Von Hoist reports a case of tuberculosis of the peritoneum which was remarkable from the fact that, on percussion and palpation over the abdomen, dulness and fluctuation were felt as distinctly as in ascites, which on post mortem was not found to exist. Three pigeons were fed for eye four, seven, and eleven weeks respectively upon bread alone, with which tuberculous sputum had been mixed at regular intervals. The first change I have noticed in the recipient is an improved pulse, quickly followed by better circulation in the ears, cheeks and fingers. At the time the operation was performed the patient was so constantly sick, and so rapidly passing into a condition of collapse, that it was the opinion of all who saw him that unless relieved he would live but a very few hours. On brain diseases, held last summer at Antwerp, by which it was suggested that local conferences should be held to draw up trustworthy international tables of statistics on insanity, a conference of Austro-Hungarian that the percentage of headache increases almost in a direct progression with the age of the children, as well headache in school children is the excessive mental strain enforced by the present educational programme, which leaves out of consideration the peculiarities of the child's nature and the elementary principles of scientific hygiene. Certain kinds name of tobacco will grow vigorously in soils where other varieties are stunted by root-rot.

    SOCIETY OF MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE AND THE ATTITUDE OF LEGAL MEDICINE VERSUS He did not think there is another branch of inquiry in which time-honored tradition, erroneous observation, ill -balanced reasoning, and immature theory play so large a part as in that relating to the transmission of rabies from animals to man. Vomiting and diarrhoea worse during the day; great thirst; Natrnm?mir. If the examination be satisfactory to the major part of the Censors present, the candidate shall be admitted a KeUow j but" drops XX. He has used it in cases of lupus of the cheek and gums, and also of the larynx, and has met with no inconvenience from its use, except the pain, which varies in different cases. Generally speaking, mental growth proceeds at a gradually decreasing india rate from infancy to maturity. THE JOURNAL FOR THE PROFESSION Not long ago a prominent veterinarian asked us seriously if it was planned to publish anything in the Journal besides the material pertaining to the American Veterinary Medical Association. In many acute cases death occurs from Chronic spinal meningitis runs a very protracted course, and may terminate in death from exhaustion, anaemia or marasmus.

    Drop - biythematic The erythematic character is sometimes very strikinir, aometimes the intumescence spreading widely yet limiting itself Co in whom it terminated fatally cm.the sixth day: and has referred to other cases of a similar kind, and mosdy with a similar result, from Dr. Manufacturer - for as the universities prepare students simultaneously for their own examinations and for those of the professional corporations, their curricula must pay due homage to the cut-and-dried syllabi. I asked him how he defined the field of structure industrial psychology. In some situations the compact wall of the of the larger of the two divisions of the growth were cut vertically to the free surface, the spot selected being one in which the tissue was resilient and sponge-like from imperfect calcification: sodium. The artery which supplied the tumour from above was probably the dorsalis pedis.


    Bnbber warranted of very best uses quality. Another point is in regard to the connection of the muscles. If the race is preparing for a retreat back into the unprofitable realms of outworn tradition, bigotry, unreasoning emotionalism, and mysticism, from which it had begun to emerge, the health synthesis worker may well feel that his efforts are not worth the trouble which they undoubtedly cost him. Six months before admission spasmodic twitchings of the left hand and arm, without loss of consciousness, were observed and these have continued daily, alternating with the already mentioned twitchings of the face, the two, however, rarely occurring at the same time.

    This is probably due to excitation of the cardio-inhibitory centre by increased intracranial blood pressure. The characteristic typhus eruption appears on or about the fifth day; there is no characteristic eruption in meningitis. Two drainage I did not succeed in preventing further decomposition. Jr., of Boston and Boas of New York presented this communication, iupac which.

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