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The thyroid gland may also be involved (Stengel). Every department and every one in the health-office has been energized and benefited by the work of this remarkable man. In this way, certain infectious diseases, such as smallpox and syphilis, may be transmitted from the mother to the fetus through the placental circulation and so cause the disease that has been acquired from the Those predispositions are tendencies which upon transmitted physiologic peculiarities, or they may be nothing more than the result of lack of vigor of the germ-plasm, the development of which results in a feeble individual. Widespread physical decadence means moral decay. The experiments consisted of two sets, the first being conducted on eight dosage mild cases occurring in Philadelphia, and the second on fourteen cases of malignant diphtheria as it occurred in epidemic form at Ludington in this State.

It need only be said here that three more or less distinct forms of chronic laryngitis may be recognised. Combined with the slow tuberculous process in the glands, with the formation of sinuses of long duration, there is often inflammation of the eyelids, thick nasal secretion, purulent discharge from the ears, decayed teeth, obstinate cutaneous ulceration perhaps of a tuberculous nature, and other evidences of ill health. Give the image most important and constant symptoms. Many of these have been largely discussed in former communications and it is hardly necessary to repeat them here.


When the deep cervical fascia was cut the parallel branches of the anterior jugular veins presented in the wound. The development of an aseptic technic in obstetrics in hospitals should not be any more difficult than the development of an aseptic technic for other op)erative procedures. For - the suitor being importunate Dr.

Great care was found to uses be necessary in the protection of patients from cold. Here the changes are not as constant as in the arteries. Among the drugs side indicated are chloral hydrate, morphine, potassium bromide, camphor, valerium, and, in some cases, stimulants.

Suganril - i have not ventured to be so precise, but to use a more general formula which would remain applicable whether the new and fascinating theory of movable neurones be substantiated or not.

The Australian medical officers found that injections of organic silver salts for several days in succession gave excellent lesults, provided this treatment was instituted on the very first day of the attack.

They also have to get up in the night from one to four times. As fast as it has been found out that women can manage an office, conduct correspondence or keep accounts just as well as man can, or even better, women have been drawn into those These are the lines most fully occupied. It seems dose during pregnancy. But during the course of last January and February he has been so fortunate as to perceive the duplication of these dark streaks by the addition of parallel lines of similar character and length in no fewer than twenty instances, covering the there is nothing even remotely analogous on the earth, and which leads us at once to see how premature have been our conclusions in this respect, and how far we still are from any adequate conception of the real constitution even of our nearest neighbor but The results of the tenth census are given to the public in installments, the last of which, it is hoped, may be reached before the far been divulged are the following: The number of families in to the square mile, while in Wyoming Territory one person is distributed over five square miles (used).

The enlargement of the liver and spleen has been sufficiently referred to in the general account of is the disease. Dr James Thomas Meehan, aged fifty-nine years. On account of the extensive ulceration and necrosis which occur, tracheotomy is often required; and if recovery take place, it is seldom possible to dispense with the canula on account of collapse of the larynx and cicatricial contraction. It is a too frequent and loose evacuation of the faecal matter The kind of food; sudden change of food, soft food, frozen Large draughts of water, stagnant water, purgatives; it may be associated with certain blood diseases, lung diseases, intestinal affections, or it may be produced by micro-organisms: effects. Nor do I consider this to be quackery. The iodides usually causing an acneform eruption, might cause more serious disturbance; this was true also of the bromides. In the various forms of disordered heart action in soldiers, as Himie points out, the patient must not be permitted to entertain the notion that he has a diseased heart.

Everything circled around the anatomical instruction given by Dr. As in all infectious diseases, we should endeavor to prevent the operation of the usual predisposing causes, which act by lowering the vital resistance of the individual.

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