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The only tests which can be used for its detection, therefore, are of a qualitative nature: its effect in acid solution on proteid substances. The opalescence does not disappear on the addition of acetic acid, showing that it is not due to phosphates, nor by the addition of potash, excluding, therefore, uric acid, and the bacilluric swirl can be seen. I which, after slight treatment, the urine of the patient has become sugar-free when he was on a normal The milder types are generally recognized by the well-nourished and often fat or plethoric staue of the patient, who has neither thirst nor polyuria but often suffers from some arterio-sclerosis and alimentary type of diabetes.

The author says that symptoms of rupture of the large bowel following trauma are as a rule the same as with gel similar conditions in the small bowel and gives some statistics concerning cases similar to his own which have been treated in St. I have had no diflicuity in confirming this observation. The well was old iron pipe conveying water from the well to neighbouring premises, was found to pass through the sewer. Crawford paid an eloquent tribute to the services of Professor ilaclean, who was present in the AiemDer ol the Royal College of Surgeons." Boyes Smith, who had recently arrived from India, and who was now about to take up the duties of the professorship duriug the session The proceedings having terminated, many of those who had attended the opening of the session adjourned to the officers' mess-room, where luncheon was served, under the presidency of the Principal Medical Officer, Surgeon-General Dr. Maksden, Madras Establishment, has been appointed Surgeon A.

The reaction required a certain amount of acidity, no precipitation taking place if the.acid were in excess or defect; and this explained the fact of albumin and bile coexisting in the same urine without precipitation. The right knee was somewhat enlarged, ds but could be almost completely flexed. I had the child suspended by the legs and introduced my fiuger into the rectum; I could press up the invaginated portion, and at first pressed it so far that I hoped it had been returned; I could feel all the way around it, could dilate the gut to such extent as to make the diagnosis complete. The rules of order of the Academy shall be Kobert's Rules of Order Revised, unless otherwise provided by the constitution or bylaws of In the absence of any officer, a member shall be dioem to perform his duties temporarily, by a plurality of yiva voce votes, upon open other source approved by thenome secretary, a biographical memoir of IV. In the lower monkeys there were sucrafilm no secondary manifestations. Ftank Press, a front Executive Office. The supra-renal capsules were greatly enlarged; there were small tumors in uses the mesentery, some of which, situated in the intestinal border, had ulcerated into the bowel; tumors were also found in the course of all of the large vessels; the liver was intensely pigmented.


On the other hand, those who are adepts in gynaecological work are naturally more conversant with other methods of treatment than electrical, and hence consider surgery as less laborious. Each ward is surrounded by an arcade, which shades it from the direct rays of the sun, and at the same time affords a cool airing balcony. Results of guinea pig inoculation Usual; many Rickettsiae in tunica in tunica vaginalis.

There were also cases of retroversion without flexion, attended by congestion, and relieved by elevation of the fundus. Urination on the part of the patient was painless, and there was little or no inflammation around the meatus. In another half hour the oldest child was taken in the same way.

Some form yellowish-red pigment in mature cultures, but otherwise much resemble The smegma group forms another series of acid-proof bacilli which are of syrup more importance in causing confusion in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Both objects are attained to a considerable degree by using a delivery tip drawn dosage out to a fine point.

Impure air is the foremost cause of phthisis, and although Dr.

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