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Applications of cold, either by means of the ice-bag or rubber coil, have also been used, and in my hands have resulted more favorably than that of heat by means of the poultice; but this method too long continued is apt to result in sloughing of the scrotum and is not to be Tincture of iodine, ether, collodion, camphor, iodoform ointment, belladonna ointment, mercurial ointment, lead-water, and opium as topical applications, and tartar emetic, epsom salts, pulsatilla, ergot, opium, salicylate of soda, and iodide of potassium internally, the application of leeches, strapping the testicle with adhesive plaster, first proposed by Fricke, of Hamburg, and many other methods and means have been more or less successful in the treatment of epididymitis. STEEN: Deceleration required of the President-elect in moving from the office of Chairman of the Council to the office of President-elect is not unlike, I am sure, the deceleration that was experienced by Messers Lovell, Borman, and Anders in As a result of my new inactivity, I have had much time to contemplate some of the matters that I think are important to this organization. There will, necessarily, be more or less clashing and friction between such boards and the trustees and managers of insane asylums, but this is incident to all supervisory bodies, and must be expected.

Every meeting the great variety of postgraduate medical education available in the state was bought up.

The urgency of the wrong, certainly not the best way. It would seem that many unsightly scars from infected wounds about the face and neck could be avoided by suturing as soon as suppuration had been cured. In all persons the use of tobacco causes a habit or a desire in the system for its accustomed stimulant. D., Louisville; Comparative Value of Mechanical Devices in Caustics in the Treatment of Epithelioma, with Remarks on the Use of Lactic Acid, Chloroform Anesthesia, How to Avoid and Overcome Them, by Frank C.

" I assure you most sincerply," says Mr. The third chapter presents a short account of the general course of tile disease in its two forms, acute and chronic; and we pass from it to the fourth, entitled" Special Symploraatology." In this the appearances (merely sketched before) are described in It would be impossible to present anything but the most unsatisfactory analysis of this chapter, if we attempted to embrace all its contents. However, because of the lower incidence of chokes, direct causal relationships are more diflicult to prove." The most life-threatening manifestation of dysbarism is neurocirculatory collapse, and the occurrence of bends or chokes should alert the physician to this possibility. The author is to be complimented for the detailed analysis of the segment of the social revolution that is image affecting every fundamental aspect of life in these United States. You will now take a long curved trocar and carry it "in" along the palmer surface of the index finger, and thrust it into the tumor in the direction of the axis of the pelvis. The medullary portion histologically uses is not remarkable. The late Sir Charles Bell was now called in, and discovered, not, indeed, a rectal constriction, but what in effect was the same, viz., a displacement of the womb on the bowel, and recommended the case to be placed under the care of Dr. The skin and kidneys should be flushed by drafts of hot water containing a pinch of salt and "tablet" a daily bath followed by a brisk rub in all except feeble cases and in these an alcohol bath should constitute a part of the daily routine. Some States are already making a move in the direction of passing laws to protect the people in this regard.


Pasquier, formerly head-surgeon to the Invalides, and afterwards surgeon to the Orleans' family, as well as the destitute condition in which he educated at St. Davenport's waiting-room, and as a medium for making known his whereabouts. Since her ovaries were not producing estrogen, and estrogen hindi normally inhibits secretion of LH by the pituitary, the positive pregnancy test could result from over-secretion of LH by the pituitary. The nostrils are to be greased with vaseline for the first few days to prevent irritation. The late Emperor of the French drained of its men the country which lie governed, and his latest conscripts consisted to a great extent of youths from eighteen to twenty-one years of age. I should insist, no matter how other babies have been handled, that the infant be thoroughly bathed, the umbilical stump dressed in good antiseptic fashion, with a soft, comfortably fitting band, wrap the little one in comfortable woolen and at once, as in olden times, put it to the mother's breasi (stopache). All that we know is, that the uterine organs at a particular period of life acquire a suddenlyiucieased activity; that they are then subject to a periodical cretliism or turgcsceuce; that at these times the uterus pours forth a sanguineous discharge; that an ovule is disengaged from its ovarian bed, and that between tlie intervals of the appearance of menstruation the ovum is capable of becoming impregnated.

Such was heathen ethics, and it is enough in a Christian country to teach that there is not always an absolute and unqualified necessity to preserve one's life.

The exchange was carried ingredients out with O positive blood, which was the group and type of the mother and infant. I do not rely, as in years gone by, upon digitalis alone, but upon what may not seem proper to any of you, a combination of strychnine, digitalis, and nitroglycerin.

Operation in Case of Uncertain Diagnosis pelvis is a malignant tumor, or a sac containing an extra-uterine fetus, but he proceeds at once to perform celiotomy, and after he opens the abdomen, he finds the sac with the living, ectopic fetus? Answer: No, it is not lawful, because such a removal would be a direct killing of the fetus.

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