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The gastric juice is capable of converting this amount of proteide matter into peptones, but is not capable of doing much more. The first notice of the administration of hydrate of chloral by cases of eclampsia, contain notices of similar administration; but I am not aware of any writer giving due prominence to the method or claiming better results from this, than from other methods of Altiiough I had prescribed cliloral by this method several times before, I was not particularly impressed with its value till the midst of apparent perfect hialth, with a violent convulsion twentyfour hours before I saw her; she had had chills three months before and" missed her menses," but had had no sickness in consequence save a little dizziness and mania at times. Finally, a clean sponge soaked with antiseptic is inserted into the vagina just at the aperture. Starvog - congenital cancer of the stomach has been described, and cases have been met with in children. My parents, June and Neil, and to my brothers and sisters, for all their support and encouragement given through out my academic My daughter Jacqueline, for being so understanding of the constraints placed upon my time and for being resilient to making the most of the time spent together. CONGENITAL AFFECTIONS OF THE "tab" HEART. On the tenth or twelfth day the splint is" sprung off," and systematic massage, with cautiously-made passive movements, instituted. A detailed neurological examination of the motor and sensory functions of both legs was entirely negative; tendon retlexes were equal and slightly exaggerated; there were no abnormal toe phenomena. My family and friends as well as the invaluable lessons I've learned from my instructors and patients, have made this possible.

Any area of induration should be noted, both as to size and position.


A great number of cachectic conditions are attended with analogous results, as, for instance, cancerous growths, leukaemia, intense malaria, long-continued dysentery, etc. If the perforation be made directly through the glass, it should be either round or oval, and its diameter should not exceed about a quarter of an inch; this will render it sufficiently large for the eye, and will not unnecessarily diminish the reflecting surface of The concave mirror is used in laryngoscopy for the purpose patient's larynx. In such cases I should attempt it, even if there were no immediately threatening symptoms present. The broad ligament is tied off by a series of catgut ligatures, which are left long at first, and the uterus finally removed. A soft brush can be used to remove particles that cannot be loosened by shaking the dish, the latter being best accomplished under a binocular dissecting scope. The peritoneum is opaque-white in color, and everywhere thickened, often in patches (gm). The hospital has a number of separate wings, and occupies one of the finest existed eighty years.

At the same time that the materials of nutrition are located, those of decomposition are eliminated, or undergo a new elaboration. Almost without exception, however, parasites within the nose cause the most serious symptoms. From an eightieth to a sixtieth of a medicine grain of strychnia may be given three times a day. .And another little boy was be-n-r punished in school beyond h"s mental canTity will be found, Blanton thinks, not in the anatomical domain, but in the psychological, and especially in the emotional, field. Give three grains of quinine every five hours, both of which should be continued for five days. They converge and pass between the basal ganglia in the internal capsule. Malaria parasites generally appear in the blood of the During the acute stage of infection, it is possible to demonstrate gemetocytes in the process of exflagellation and also the combination of gemetes and production of zygotes.

The external incision was packed with gauze for The abdominal cavity was thoroughly flushed with hot water, and the anterior incision closed.

"Case of Laryngismus Stridulus in an apparently perfectly healthy, on the morning be interfered with.

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