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The pharynx and the cervical portion of the oesophagus.


Along the margins of dry woods and exposed places, mostly on poor, sandy soil. It can safely be asserted that never before in the history of the Army has medico-military education been conducted on so high a plane of This satisfactory- condition of affairs can be chiefly attributed to plans have been finally consummated medico-military preparedness for any eventuality of the future, as far as the Medical Department of the Armj' is concerned, will have reached a state of perfection hitherto undreamed of.

To check the attacks when they dose are frequent, the best drugs are bromide of potash and chloral. But the most noteworthy change apparent on inspection is the increase of the curve of the abdomen below the umbilicus, best distinguished in thin persons, and due to a tendency in the intestines to sink down into the pelvis. Drains should be thoroughly examined, and the least imperfection in their construction promptly removed. Those foods which remain for a long time pamol in the stomach must be looked upon as difficult to digest; while those that are'rapidly dissolved and broken up and passed on by the stomach into the intestines as easy to digest. The atmosphere in dosage the sitting and sleeping rooms of the house fresh. Besides expressing his own views as to the nature and origin of aphasic defects. Manfred Stern, M.D., of New York City, died on June medical degree from the University of Frankfurt in at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

This combination of loss of painful and thermic sensations with paralysis of an amyotrophic type is characteristic, but not pathognomonic of the disease. The literature that accompanies any planner should allude to risk and the risk should be consistent with If you need life insurance, your plan should explain why and pinpoint the amount of your current, as well as expected future, needs. In this series animals which received oats and sugar gained in weight an average of six grams each; those which received meat, five grams each; those which received oats and fat, two grams each; those which received oats and cottonseed oil The experiments have shown that chloroform is more toxic to animals which have received meat or fat than to those which have perhaps even greater than the toxicity tested in animals which have received either meat or fat alone. With the experience thus gained, their second thousand cases will undoubtedly show still better results. Anapliylactic shock developed in most of the animals receiving the toxic injection intravenously. He was a member of the Putnam County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the American Medical Association. In the following cycle, the dosage level which was employed for hemostasis should be used for daily administration.

Families in which a higher percentage of marital partners show signs of emotional disturbance or immaturity are highly vulnerable to divorce. In case the accident occurs with a child, and the slapping process does not afford instant relief, it should be grasped by the feet, and placed head downwards, and the slapping between the shoulders renewed; but in case this induced violent suffocative paroxysms it must not be repeated. All results were obtained after coding and processing of all cases by electronic tabulating seminoma cases showed a five-year survival rate of TABLE I. The other three dogs showed at the end of the experiment a blood pressure The effect on the blood pressure and respiration was in general much less than that exerted by either the chloroform or tricresol serum.

Thorel made a systematic study of the reparative changes which occurred during the first nine days of chromium poisoning, and the summary of his results will be discussed during the review of the findings in the experiments which we have performed. Under it physical pain itself can be abolished for a time, and the wiU of the subject be led into obedience, and even into deferred obedience, under the influence of the commanding will.

However, the experience of every observant man leads him to the conviction that there is something more entering into the making of his personality. This goes through the abdominal walls down to the peritoneum, which is dissected up from the transversalis fascia until the vagina is reached.

It is the reverse of this reaction which we wish to describe, employing antipneumococcus serum as precipitin and producing a precipitate by the addition of an extract of the pneumococcus. Resolved, That the members of this Association create a fund, known as the Alumni Memorial Fund, the proceeds of which go to the erection of a suitable tablet to endear the names of our members who have fallen by the yellow the Society were present from different parts of the Union, principally from the States east of the Alleghanies. Two abundantly scaly patches, fully three centimetres in diameter, with distinct outline, showed upon the sides of the scrotum, while a curiously regular, scaly ring surmounted the reddened and puffy lip of the prepuce. Thus in phthisis the cells may be found in the expectoration enclosing degenerate bacilli. The vital interests of America hang largely upon drops the influence of mothers. And he returned to the United States shortly thereafter. McCrae was a Canadian, to be sure, but he had lived long enough in this country as one of the resident physicians of Johns Hopkins Hospital to have endeared himself to all those who knew him, of whom the speaker is proud to have been one. Des Hop.") of delayed and imperfect union after fracture of the tibia, where there is no constitutional vice and the usual local causes of non-union are absent, it has been customary to attribute the evil to rupture of the nutrient artery.

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