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In a few days, however, round red spots, slightly elevated, are observed on the thighs, between the legs, in the armpits, at the head of the elbows, and soles of the feet; these spots gradually increase in size, retaining an irregularly circular form with furfuraceous that in course of time the original discoloration is converted into a large prominent ring, enclosing a portion of yellowish skin. This duty will henceforth reviews be nndertaken by the Bank of England at a cost for brokeiage of Mie penny in the ponqd, and the holder of stoek wno desires to remvest bis income as it comes due will be able to give a general instruction to the Bank, which will ensure the automatic carrying out of his denies without further interference on ms ipart. In the digestive apparatus of the mosquito the embryo passes thi'ough three metamorphoses into full development of the filarial worm. Spottiswoode Camxron some time eince made a report to the Sanitary Committee of the Town Council of Leeds as to the needs of that connty borough as regards means of isolation, and he gave an account of the proceedings of other canitary districts, especially in view of the recent adoption by most of side them of the system of compnlcory notification. It prevails especially in those localities which are densely populated, and where the drainage is very defective. They should not be punctured until they are"ripe" and then only with a sterile instrument and with the minimum amount of damage to the skin. Instances of recovery are recorded after sevei'e salivation, but the general impression is, that the mercurial influence is prejudicial The most valuable practical result of Dr. Bony lesions are usually to be found. Was never asked in the kitchen the whole time deceased was at his breikfast; observed nothing peculiar in prisoner's manner or appearance that morning. As there was gastric irritability, bismuth applied over the tumor and subsequently ever poultices.

Hoffa's results In comment on these results", it is pointed out that these figures do not parallel those published by Sanders for the city of Dortmund but are a little higher because Hoffa did not, like Sandei's, subtract the already proved cases of tubei'culosis. On the preceding night at a certain hour, most violent pains,as those of childbearing, had "cream" come on, and had continued despite of anodynes, for some five hours.

Fayrer says occurs after the application of the Indian remedies.

Depression, anxiety, morbid dwelling on abdominal symptoms can all be met from the mental side; whilst they persist, our task is but half accomplished, however much local physical benefit may gel be obtained from treatment. This was a valuable method for studying anoxemia, but whether one could pick out the circulatory reactions was doubtful. The interpretation of the results just presented is fraught with considerable difficulty. There was learn that he had suffered unduly uses from cold. " i?he tumor which I saw was a dark-coloured tumor, which was a nut of the intestine; this tumor was external to the cavity of the abdomen; it came to view at once on the sutures being divided where the operation had been performed; the intestine might have been returned of the intestines, and there were adhesions external to the cavity of the abdomen; these adhesions were subsequent to the strangulation, because there must have been a very considerable inflammation existing to produce this adhesion." We shall conclude this detail with two extracts from documents which were furnished by surgeons who attended the inspection: the first is from the certificate of"The incision had healed by the first intention. Liva - use of bromide of potassium which lately came to my notice will probably be of interest to the medical profession. Reagents and standard solution and chemicals Blood coagulation time apparatus I important, from a numerical point of Based upon the results of a study of the Schick tests and immunization against diphtheria conducted in the eighth sanitary district of the state of of the United States Public Health Service, states that both the percentage of persons susceptible to diphtheria and the degree of their susceptibility are higher among rural than urban populations, and that both are higher than that of the well-to-do in cities, that in the rural as well as in incidence are higher among the wellto-do than among the poorer classed, and that native born persons are much more susceptible than the foreign born. Bayle), and if we accept that as a correct result of this treatment, it is, no doubt, extremely favourable.


Altogether there has been a effects ay last the workmen of Messrs. From the pressure of the dressings; protrusion not increased; the slough has entirely separated from its surface, leaving a clean red mass of a firm consistence, in no way resembling brain, but very similar to the fungoid mass found, in lieu of brain, in an acephalous foetus. The case was one of great interesr, from the difficulty which surrounded the diagnosis of the disease, and of deciding whether it were httmatocele or some other disease.

Daring an undergraduate's or ttndent's career medieai jurisprudence is a contents popular subject.

The left scapula was firmly fixed to the external surface of the ribs by these different bands of bone. (H.) ON ELEPHANTIASIS ARABUM OR BUCNEMIA OUR knowledge of the nature and treatment of tropical big leg has become much more definite and precise of late years, as a consequence of the researches of Waring, Day, Fayrer, Vanlair, Vanzetti, and some others, and we have received an acceptable amount of information relative to the disease from India, China, and Samoa, which will be found to throw additional light upon the subject.

But there were two more direct sources for those floods of theory which Court physicians, and the philosophy of Plato. The legs also have to bear nano the weight of the trunk, and so are under a constant strain; consequently, the weakened vesselwalls yield more easily to the pressure of the blood, and extravasation into the neighbouring structures ensues.

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