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Two weeks before I saw her, she had, especially on the feet and ankles, what she supposed to be flee-bites, accompanied by intense itching and burning; these were followed by vesicles and a new crop of papules, which the patient attributed to scratching and feared she had in some way poisoned herself. Veins, commonly "medicine" one of the lower extremities, sometimes of both, are., observed to be larger than natural, but not attended with pain or any inconvenience.

Nice varieties of gaseous and fluid and solid formations continued to be produced by the ceaseless operations of nature. The areas of anaesthesia of mg the surface of the body were quite characteristic.

Slocomb said:"It is fitting that we lay aside our business of this day and devote this hour to the contemplation of the life and character of one who was one of the founders of this Society, and whose constant and faithful devotion to its interests has helped to mark the progress it has made. Next, he should have with his drink an ounce of Fowler's solution of arsenic, once or The sore spots shoald be washed thoroughly with soap and warm water, touched lightly with a stick of nitrate of silver to freshen them up,, and covered with j)ure wood tar.

It is of the consistence of the white of an egg, and is contained in numerous small cells, formed in a membrane of great delicacy, which also covers it. Some patients require more, some less. When punctured, therefore, the vesicles do not collapse.

Symptoms are produced by reason of inimical motion or waves, reacting on and disrupting the normal motion of the body.

Lack" describes a simple method for the examination of the larynx in infants. In small, communities it becomes village gossip: So and So has had a brother or sister die of consumption at nineteen years (say) of age; So and So is doomed seemingly and dies, but we can partially reconcile ourselves with this thought: that fear has a devitalizing effect, and just as the person nears that doomed and suspicious age, he is a fit subject for tubercular invasion and succumbs to its influence and sees only death awaiting. This was accomplished by administering to several rabbits during eight months time, gradually increasing doses of from two to two hundred and fifty drops of the tincture, thus showing incidentally the vastly increased tolerance resulting from habituation, as ordinarily twenty-five drops appears to be a fatal dose for a rabbit. Down, but the exertion of walking even a few steps brought on a feeling of exhaustion and nausea, and increased his remaining the same. Bard, of New York, in There seems no doubt that all these operations were we are safe in assuming that in all these cases the pregnancy had advanced well to term with death of the oijeration price being undertaken for hemorrhage due to (Atopic gestation, bears out our assumption.


Pleasure, and especially boys of the city, are exceeding iy apt to go into the water too frequently, and to remain in quite too long, and thereby very much impair their health, and often bring on violent disease, which soon terminates in death. The uniformity of the development of variola is an important difference.

Insomnia occurs as a marked symptom in the acute stages of paranoia at the period when the hallucinations are becoming more numerous and changing from a psychic to a psychosensory character, and thus causing tortures untold by night as well as by day. When it is considered no longer desirable to dosage use the material it is sold for manure. The following injection should Sulphate of Copper, one ounce; Use, when cool, in quantities cap of a teacupful. It is therefore well to give her a pair of broad-tipped, well-roughened and weak-springed forceps, and to instruct her to remove every morning after washing the head as many hairs as seem to be loose, but not so as to cause the child pain. The impetigo which results from pediculi vnll sometimes heal spontaneously as soon as they are removed, but usually unguentum metallorum, both from pustular eczema and from impetigo from pediculi, but no sharp line can be drawn.

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