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The report should describe all treatment and medication given. Litis, to determine his fitness for promotion to the grade of pharmacist of the second CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL CORPS OF THE NAVY recruiting tluty, and ordered home to wait orders. It is proposed to erect this camp on a tract of twenty acres in Orange County, which has been offered to the city for two years, rent free. The researches of the past twenty years have clearly brought out the fact that a condition usually inflammatoiT, of more or less sudden onset, may occur in various portions of the brain or spinal cord, or both, showing predilection for the gray matter and giving rise to secondary symptoms dependent upon the part involved. The borders are not discer nible, except downwards in a very small part of the circumference, where the papilla appears a little brighter: drugs. He gained during this time pounds.

This theory, although at one time widely entertained, has we believe broken down under the test of careful experiment.

Maloney, urologist, has joined the staff of the Quisling Clinic in Madison. Occasionally there was observed a considerable amount of pain in the region of the neck and spine, but this does not appear to have been constant; pain in the head was uniformly setronax observed. Some patients are troubled with constant india headache.


Friesendorf, assistant chief of cardiology at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Milwaukee, recently spoke on blood pressure, strokes, and heart disease at the Jewish Community Dr. The meteorism which is of setrona great inconvenience in the manipulations is likewise diminished by this manoeuvre. I thought for a long time it was probably a fecal tumor, but after trying high enemata and securing no results came to the conclusion it was a growth, and advised operation four years ago. The main difference is that in the X-ray burn we have not the sharp contrast between blistered surface and uninjured tissue that we see in the scald.

On the fifth day the swelling was still subsiding, but he gradually became weaker and died.

The middle ear as a source of infection was ruled out by the autopsy. We have to do, then, with a case of epididymitis without abscess formation, the usual clinical condition. If it should happen that the process involves one of the small vessels, the chances of operative intervention would tablet be much was treated by one injection of gelatin. Use cautiously in individuals with severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism or urinary retention. The artificially produced radiant energy that we utilize setronics in therapy includes the x rays, the spectrum rays, the high frequency spark, and the various forms of light baths. The abdomen was large the wrists and moderated at the ankles. The question may be asked, Was this a case of parotitis from exposure to cold or from injury, and not one of mumps? The history of exposure, the malaise, anorexia, chill, dryness of the mouth, and course was accompanied by so notable an- increase jn its.velocity lb at predictions as to the lesions likely to result from it were very prone to.

The author found that when a drop of tuberculin was added to a culture inediuiu it had no appreciable eflect setrong on the growth of the microorganism. He thinks that the term" tabo" paralysis should be limited to the cases presenting the typical symptoms of tabes, and these cases are decidedly in the minority. Mercury and iodide of setronon potassium are usually prescribed on theoretical grounds, and occasionally appear to be of service. The only apparatus I use is a chloroform mask and a folded towel. As soon as the child is born the mother may be temporarily left, or some one else may hold the hand on the abdomen car and top of the uterus while the child is attended to.

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