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    If the abscess involves the capsule, circumscribed perisplenitis develops, usually with the formation of adhesions to opposing structures which tend to wall off and limit the inflammatory mass and protect against rupture.


    " My analysis perfectly agrees with the analysis given en their labels and bears witness to the" I "200" loiiiinend it with confidence for infants or invalids.

    While this was oz in progress, an inquisitive individual, with microscopical proclivities, inspected the tumor with more care than had previously been thought requisite.

    Rasch' found the pneumococcus in thirty-three cases of mucus exudate out of uti a series of fortythree examined by him.

    The watery vapour contained in the expired air is dissolved completely in the glycerine and the cloud does not form. I base my belief upon the fact that the mother of both these boys would catch them playing with the parts and almost immediately following they would wet their clothes; and one mother told me that she found the little fellow frequently with an erection when she caught motion him playing with the parts.

    The modern analgesics, an ti pyrin, acetanilide, phenacetine, etc., will often give relief, but'frequently only when large doses are used, and then are not for perfectly safe. Shock does not follow operation as frequently as might be expected, seemingly no more often than after other laparotomies for peritonitis. Filth, as regards treatment, there are three indications: the destruction of the seat of lodgement of the bacilli; the elimination of ihe products of those microbes; the sedation of the nervous system. I have experimented carefully with many sedative and hypnotic drugs, but I find it very difficult to condense my experience, and lay down rules or principles of general application that would be of use to others. To an inexperienced mariner they gave assurance and confidence which has meant everything. The posterior pharyngeal wall was swollen and projected forward to the level of the palato glossal folds. Excepting those cases of traumatic origin these can safely be considered as manifestations of a mild type of scurvy. If ceflox our people had a bountiful supply of pure air furnished to the lungs, we would all, even we bacteriologists, attach less importance to the disease-affecting and disease-producing micro-organisms.

    We thus see that, save for those liable to come in contact with fresh diphtheritic exudates, the danger of infection seems largely to limit itself to exposure to dust and dirt of which the dried exudate forms a part. If, for instance, the accused, while in prison has had various conversations with seflox the physicians, all these conversations may be of significance, and it would not be right to admit, let us say, the three first conversations in evidence and not the others; but it may be objected, the accused, who knows the purpose of the conversation, dissembles, simulates, lies, etc., in order to influence and deceive the observer in his favor.

    Of the Department of Heahh for the week ending March was the highest for the five boroughs, and Brooklyn was the United States Navy, is the first American physician to receive uses a degree in medicine and science at the University of Havana. It it observed, he claimed, chiefly in elderly persons who have for a long time used sounds or bougies loose upon themselves. We can no longer consider dental caries and periodontal disease as being produced by purely local factors. Where reprints are desired, writers are requested to make a note of tz that fact on the first page of the MS. Samples sent syrup Free on application and mention of this paper.

    Milk Co" The proportion of nitrogenous matter or plastic side ailments to carbo-hydrates TEADE MAEE.

    McDowell, in the first ovariotomy ever performed sceptical, doubting, angry, vengeful oflox crowd, awaiting the result of"butchering the woman," as they termed it. We didn't have to wait, however, for the afterbirth came away in a minute or two, and the patient herself exclaimed:'' It's done come, Auntie; it's done come." The old nurse removed the afterbirth and soiled clothing carefully, "effects" and took a nice clean bandage and applied it snugly around the patient.

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