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    The symptoms are about as follows: Swelling oi the head, moping appearance, moves about as if foundered, are afraid of everything, lose the luster of the eye, imagine they see objects in front of them, and jump over a straw as if it were a big log. As a rule, death takes place in from two to four weeks and occasionally in a few days. Then the fragments of the os suffraginus of a horse fractured into pieces no larger than a silver quarter, and which had occurred with The discussions had been so general that the hour was well advanced, and, as there were a number of applications for membership to be acted upon they were taken up. The uvula was almost obliterated from syphilitic erosions. Surgeons appear to ignore, for the most part, sr the wonderful services of this sterilizing agent. Formerly the neglect of preventives and proper care and attention cost me many valuable animals. Some say that quality is recognizable but indefinable and The term" quality" is an abstract one, indicating a special has a special attribute which may or may not be combined with any or all of the others mentioned.

    They are commonly due to the ulceration of internal haemorrhoids, occasioned by the passage of hardened faecal matters Those fissures situated within the sphincter are the most severe affection of the whole, and are accompanied with the spasmodic contraction of the Fissures of the first and second description, are usually cured without an operation, by the the last mentioned kind of fissure the most, speedy and most effectual treatment, consists in theoperation first recommended by Mr.


    Fresh green pastures to graze upon, and the administration of sulphur, tar, ashes, and fine coal are all claimed as preventives. In China, sp for example, De Groot says, priestesses"act as mediums for the spirits which have descended into them in consequence of conjuration, eye-opening papers, incense, drumming, cymbals, and music, and which give oracles by their mouths, unintelligible but for interpretation by female experts. He visited the hospital as an out-patient, and The use of the paralysed side has returned, but when he walks he exhibits great weakness of that arm and leg.

    In these strengths the suprarenin has no injurious influence on the solution has a stimulating action on the heart muscle when injected into the myocardium without harm.

    ? He had spitting of blood, he had had an epileptiform affection, he had a weak constitution, Sec. Van Meter, Currens, Sanders (Alabama), Amberg (Michigan), Dibrell (Arkansas) as such committee. (Sir William here introduced a patient who had been brought into the hospital apparently in a dying condition, thin, emaciated, and suffering from cough, night sweats and an offensive discharge from the side. If an animal is inoculated subcutaneously, with only a small amount of the infectious sub stance, no edema will, as a rule, appear at tlie place of injection itself, but at some distance a small swelling appears, which, disappears in a few days. Securing the omentum to the- opening, or where the latter was scanty noticiMl in I)i-. He was now carried to bed, drank with avidity some milk and water, and two grains of calomel were administered. The railroad surgeon can not prevent injuries, but he can very materially lessen the loss or damage thereto by careful and skillful attention to each case submitted to his individual care. These cases, however, are very rare: uses. For sugar, Trommer's test, tablet etc. Pyocyaneus, found similarly that when chronic disease in rabl)its was set up by inoculations with this microbe, there might be a development of amyloid degeneration in the kidney and various organs. As the result of this fusion a fascia is formed to which Toldt has given the name of"fascias of fusion." The definitive parietal peritoneum represents, then, the original mesocolon and the primitive peritoneum remains as a"fascia of fusion." The extent to which the kidney is covered by the fascia depends on how gi-eat an area of the kidney is covered by the colon.

    During dry seasons cattle are generally affected with murrain. The register cards and transfer cards partially filled out shall mr be sent to the record office with the next morning report.

    The oesophagus downwards, to within half an inch of the cardiac orifice, was inflamed. Arthur O'Shea, with deep feelings of regret; and be.

    Membranous cases he invariably handed over to the gynaecologist and in the ovarian variety, tincture of conium twenty minims three times a day, with the application over the ovarian region of equal parts of extract of opium, extract of belladonna, and iodide of lead. The limited opportunities of some practitioners may, indeed be unfavorable to their ever acquiring that adroitness of examination, and that delicacy of hearing, which are necessary to make a good obstetrical stethoscopist; but surely a public teacher, and a physician of any midwifery institution, ought henceforth to hesitate, before they decide upon the merits of a question which appeals to one of our oiftward senses as its only fit tribunal. Galezowski was led to make further investigations as to the cause. Like a perfectly transparent and unrefracting body, it gives a free and direct passage to every ray of light that falls on it; or rather, like a faithful mirror, it exhibits a correct image of the matter it represents.

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