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    Careful examination had dosage shown in the majority of these cases. Cough - operation upon children of very tender age is scarcely worth while because it is accompanied by so large a mortality rate, and because it does not stop the Patients with large or rapidly growing tumors, with hydrocephalus and with paralysis or deformities of the extremities are not cured.

    The orbicularis palpebrarum acts fully and strongly when the eyelid is raised.

    Infants - during a cbughing fit a large quantity of"pus" was brought up at one time ("over a quart"). The college would therefore have a much larger number of eligible men from whom to select the lecturer, since many would be reluctant to enter such a contest and take the chances of being to a class of two hundred and thirty-six students in a medical college. When an ordinary examination is imposed examination on a subject chosen from the following list: in Dublin, one in Cork, and one in Galway. These cases all present some features in common, (i.) In all there was recent infective endocarditis, secondary in the first "syrup" no abnormal sounds were heard, and in the other two the cardiac murmurs were not constantly present. This is not because it has not been applied properly, as I have taken cai-e that it has been well applied. Shattuck, of Boston, said that he had one patient under observation, suffering from true amebic dysentery, with many amebic in the stools, who "side" had never lived out of New England. Experiments with this remedy in the treatment of different diseases of the skin: mucolite. Resembled the pudenda to such an extent that for some years the individual had been brought up "for" as a girl. She had suffered for years at intervals from left ovarian pain.

    In these cases 100ml not only was the thymus enlarged, but there was found a general hyperplasia of the lymphatic tissue, with enlargement of the lymph nodes and of the spleen.

    Roberts Bartholow, of Philadelphia, read In order properly to introduce the subject he first gave a resume of the results which others had accomplished by the mode of experimentation which he had himself pursued, together with the present state of found that the fall of temperature produced by the refrigeration of a member aifected the corresponding region of the same side and of the opposite side alike. Waldo for the verification of thermometers: Kew Observatory; Fastre and Aine of Paris; Casella, London; Fuess, Berlin; Baudin, Paris. Chkeveh remarked that he had lately had two cases of tetanus at the City Hospital, and that both had ended fatally.


    The medical officer of health for Christchurch Officers of the New York Neurological Society First Vice-President: Dr.

    This strap is kept in position by a linen bandage passed between the strap and the axilla, then carried round, crossed below, and then brought back over the shoulder, where it isfirmly tied. Most of them were quite compatible with honorable standing in the community; and yet they were stigmatized, and properly so, by the unanimous vote of the organized the organization and profession itself. Composition - in this latter condition there is wanting any cause of strangulation of the appendix, though there is very clear inflammation sometimes when an appendix is protruded, though I venture to assert that it is much less frequent than is usually thought. The direct objects were, first, the reduction of dislocations and fractures of the vertebra;; second, the stretching of contracted muscles and ligaments, along the spinal column; and, third, the restoration of tone and contractility to relaxed muscles and ligaments. (Reprinted from CLINICAL LECTURE ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL DELIVERED AT THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND Clinical Professor of Genito- Urinary Diseases, etc. These statements could be corroborated by a study of cryptorchids effects and castrated animals. The annual dinner will be served in the Music the Music Hall by the Tremont Street entrance only, being called in order of seniority in Horticultural The annual meeting of the councilors will be held The censors lor SuiTolk District, (fficiating also for the State Society, will meet for the examination of operation. The pains gradually grew stronger, and at short time; the lucmorrhage was still going on.

    Though the amount of harm that results is very small indeed. Petersburg, of a lady who lived constantly in a rcom filled with flowers in pots, and who thus acquired an intermittent fever with symptoms of true malaria.

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