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Hanss read his letter to the Long Range Planning Committee in response to their question as to whether the Professional Committee should continue as a committee of the Association. The success of that department is an eloquent commentary on his far sighted wisdom in his urging its establishment. It is described in books by the names of Muscovite, Bucharian, or According to the treaty entered into by the Russians and Chinese, all the commerce between the two nations is transacted at the frontiers.

Toward the end of December he felt tired and unable'to work.


In one case, which resulted in death ten slight injection of the arachnoid and pia mater. But there is one significant difference: the lesions are very extensively distributed; practically every organ in the thorax and abdomen is invaded; the lungs are usually affected with the miliary or nodular form "effects" of phthisis, and cavitation, so common in human phthisis, is.

But to bring sick children out in all weathers, and to huddle a number of persons ill with all sorts of diseases into a fetid waiting-toom, is a cruelty, and ought to be put down as a public and dangerous nuisance (what). Elixir of Qviinine, Iron and Pepsin. In these cases it is very likely that one error may be a little lactoperoxidase in excess, and another a little in deficiency. The owner says the foal After being put together in the stable the foal covered his mother four times during the day. With frequent and heavy sbowerE of rain. In the second case, a man aged seventy years had scaly patches on the tips of the elbows and knees; on the exposed parts, he.-howed dark keratotic patches, three of which had begun to break down: side. Such an aegophony is, I apprehend, of rare occurrence; and perhaps Laennec has rather limited than too much extended the powers of auscultation in DR. Walker on a case of, Foote's, Mr. Death when it occurs may be within the first forty-eight hours or it may be delayed for more than a week. Scarle's not, therefore, to the kind of inflammation which we occasionally meet with in such diseases as typhus fever and the present epidemic, that we are to look for proofs of tbe soundness of Mr. They renounced the extirpation of ovarian cy.sts, and treated them by repeated tappings, and in later years by iodine injections, which, in cases of simple unilocular cysts, not infrequently lead 150 to a durable cure. The seats will be inspected and, after the professor arrives, the students will be admitted, and none will be allowed to enter who do not hold the examination Each professor will have four assistants, who will upon the entrance of students examine their writing tablets to be sure that they are clean, and who will subsequently be placed in advantageous positions throughout the room where all the class Each professor's list of students will be numbered with the same numbers as the tickets which the students hold, so that their list will indicate the name of the student occupying the seat of the The assistants will keep careful memoranda of all they discover indicative of ponying, and will carefully note the number of the seat occupied by When the examination is over each assistant will make out two copies of his notes, one for the professor, the other for the college clerk.

Tilden was intending to bring some of the results of his pathological studies before the meet ing of the British Medical Association now in progress self-sacrificing ardor. The Council has endeavored to make it plain and convincing to manufacturers that in the present movement there is no intention to interefere with the proper exploitation of their products, and that it does not expect them to reveal the technical secrets involved in their of manufacture, btit that it must insist that a truthful statement concerning the actual composition, or the medicinally active components, both as regards quantity and quality, must be given, together with tests for the identification and confirmation of such medicinal constituents.

He was laid up four or five months and the bone united, but the sinus still persisted. It is more than probable that the sudden increase in function of the remaining gland is associated with a degree of hyperemia incompatible with excretion from the glomeruli, for which the local depletion of nephrotomy Since Bardenheuer's" case of nephrotomy for anuria after operation on one kidney was published cases, as in my own, the operator was relieved of the difficulty of determining the side for operation by the previous clinical history, the limitation of pain to one side, by the presence of tenderness or tumor, or by the previous removal of one kidney. In part, this is because the doctors are frightened; they sense that if they speak out too loudly, they may be subject to government reprisals. Primary factors in the prognosis of tuberculosis in regard to usefulness or practical cure occupation or environment, and financial resources. The vomiting speedily ceased, notwithstanding that various articles of diet were tak n, and on the ninth day the patient left the curious descriptions of themselves (uses). To accomplish the object mere verbal instructions are not sufficient; the rules printed and circulated by boards of health, and the directions given by physicians do good, but they are not enough. The same result attends the introduction into hydrocele fluid of numerous skin and cellular membrane, spinal manow, is substance of the brain, nasal mucus, globules of purulent matter, etc. From data in this study I recommend in every case of suspected abruptio placenta the delivery be attended by a person with expertise in resuscitation because one infant in four requires this procedure. Any of the stimulant and anti-pruritic ointments mentioned above may be used, the strengths being slightly increased. Indication - in his case it was required, as all the savings of a hardworking life, which would have been a very handsome fortune for his family, had been lost in an unfortunate speculation in an iron works in Monmouthshire. London, too, is still poisoned with sewer gases issuing from the ventilating openings in its streets, which are almost universally unprotected by any absorbing apparatus; and even for the convenience of adjoining premises, perhaps from bare negligence, and that in various ways, such as the burrowing of rats, the foul gases from them have still found access to dwellings as readily as tablet ever. The exercises of Rush Medical College commencement took place at Central Music Hall, friends of the Class and of the College.

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