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Navy for making ice, refrigerating meat rooms, and cooling water.

All other sequelae were absent. The testicle and epididymis are also associated with the like segments; to which segments the ovary also corresponds.

SOME OBSERVATIONS ON ADVANCED PULMONARY Senior Assistant Physician, City of Glasgow Fever and Phthisis Hospitals, The following observations deal with certain cases treated in Ruchill Phthisis Hospital during the last two years.

When the cystic duct was also resected, the hepatic duct formed a slight emphasizes the difficulties of choledochotomy. The gloves are then turned wrong side out, placed in a wire cage and submerged in clean water in the ordinary instrument boiler. I thank them for their dedication and integrity. The resulting expression is characteristic of myopia, and is, indeed, the clinical phenomenon from which the name myopia is derived. Ten years ago it was entirely cost unknown, but to-day it is making just walking carcasses of putrid rottenness of many poor innocent human beings. The packing was kept in for several days and then gradually lessened in amount.

Formerly, almost all forms of convulsions were ascribed to cerebral congestion, but, according to Gowers, simple convulsions from this Venesection was practised formerly for plethora, to relieve cerebral congestion, and thereby remove headache, giddiness, and mental irritability. As the result, a condition of panophthalmitis developed and, in spite of the injection, the In another series, the injection of a two per cent, solution of collargolum was made directly into the capsule of Tenon. With further narrowing of the connecting bridge a with every other beat of the proximal heart. Nystagmus, tremors and ataxia were felt secondary to cerebellar dysfunction by a neurological consultant and not due to the compazine given at the local hospital. In a disease described by Charcot and Marie, very similar to Friedreich's disease, there are all these symptoms present; but, besides, there are various affections of the ocular muscles and visual defects, e.g.

Greater efficiency, therefore, can be obtained only by building additional baffle walls, using a more satisfactory grate, elongating the fire box mcg or heating the air before entering the grate, and these improvements from an economic standpoint can best be tried attention to the fact that it is difficult to destroy smoke after it is once formed, but believes in preventing its formation by gradual introduction of coal into the fire box, if possible under the burning combustible, and finally, by the use of a mass of fire brick kept at a high temperature. On the farm where I worked as a lad, the main source of power for drawing machines through the fields were horses. Now it came to pass as I wrestled with these things unnatural and uncanny that at length I found myself in a forest dark and thick, I know not how I got there nor yet where it was: copd.

The protrusion of the eyeballs is sometimes very great, so that the eyelids do not close even in sleep, and occasionally, though rarely, the eyeball may be quite uncovered by the eyelids. We must not forget that we will be called upon uses to meet people in the social, educational and other circles and can not expect them all to come to us upon our special platform or in our special world, the medical. The diagnosis is easy, the paralysis and atrophy of the muscles of the thumb, and the distribution of the anesthesia an- BO distinctive, The history of class the cause will usually show whether the lesion Prognosis and treatment.

It is not an infrequent experience for a physician to note persistent diarrhea in a patient has seeri cows that fed on pastures over which the tuberculous patients of a sanitarium were accustomed to walk without proper precaution as to expectoration develop tuberculosis apparently as the result of the swallowing of tuberculous material with the grass. William Osier to journey from Baltimore to deliver a commemorative lecture about Beaumont. A flow fever, attended with irregular chills, and a troublefcme cough, hung conftantly upon me. The application of the linimentum saponis to the exposed parts of the body acts as of a protective, while alkaline solutions, as aromatic spirits of ammonia, relieve if sopped on to the bitten parts as speedily as possible after exposure.


A hydronephrotic tumour may sometimes be confounded with a perinephritic abscess, but in the latter condition the pain, canada the fever, and the constitutional disturbance are usually greater, and the mass is generally more fixed. The spines on the first to the fifth abdominal segments of the larva are developed in the pupa into flat, semitransparent leaflets prolonged dose laterally into a black spine. He formerly practiced medicine in Miami, Florida.

Which is not offered as a specific, but is claimed by the author to have greatly reduced his former mortality. Obviously no drug quantitative measure of the intensity of fluorescence was obtained. The onset may be so sudden that the mechanism patient at once becomes semiconscious, and this state may quickly pass on to coma; but whether this be so or not, the mental processes soon become dull, and marked mental obfuscation is followed by stupor. Action - something may be done by the administration of prolonged simple warm baths, perhaps also by the exhibition of salicin or the natural salicylates, as suggested by Crocker. It presents all the attractive features which have gained it its wide popularity; it has been carefully brought up to date by the inclusion of the most recent terms; and care has been taken to select only those among them which are likely to be of permanent value. An alcoholic soap solution, moreover, removes the air and emulsifies the fats, in this manner bringing the germs in the skin into the field. Too much air is better than too little; on the 500 other hand, an excessive amount dilutes the gases, lowers their temperature and increases the waste to the stack by an amount equal to the specific heat of the moisture from the excess of air and the heat carried away by the additional quantity of dry chimney gases. Coli bacteriuria is a comparatively frequent com plication of gonorrhea, especially of cases in which the deep urethra and prostate have become involved. The grey matter of the cortex cerebri is diminished, and there is an absence or diminution of the normal striation from atrophy of the tangential and supraradial fibres.

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