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They do not involve a whole lobule forming a polygonal patch of tolerably even consolidation, but distinctly occupy a bronchiole and two or three of its terminal divisions; hence the trefoil appearance of the nodules, often described. He was obliged to keep in the drainage tube for five days after, on account of the c10 ODzing. Both parties are well known in Los Angeles, Dr.

The author was induced to consider these small projections, still attached to the these splenic and medullary cells to be among the productive elements of blood-corpuscles. Other English writers, and especially Dickinson, treat of the diffuse diseases of the kidneys very much upon the same plan as that adopted by Grainger Stewart. Atrophy and cupping must be distinguished from a wide physiologic excavation, and arterial pulsation must be distinguished from venous pulsation, which is normal. Adhesions being favoured by comparative rest, and completed at this stage of imperfect expansion, the base of the lung, in a slightly collapsed and infolded state, becomes connected with a restricted surface of the convexity of the diaphragm. How - by this mode of treatment the patient can be broucfht to tolerate large doses of the remedy with scarcely a rise of temperature. Of Boston, said that the recent discussion of the surgical treatment of haemorrhoids, published in Mr. It seemed to him that there were considerable difficulties attendant on such a proceeding.

We tried an expensive experiment price in the way of a collective investigation, but from intrinsic reasons it was a failure. It might be that the frequency of puerperal diseases in primipara; may account for this, inasmuch that the newly married more usually take newly built houses. Sometimes indeed, it is well to omit all treatment of this kind for a time and then upon Perhaps of all substances used as injections in gonorrhoea, the salts of zinc are most extensively employed and on the whole give the best satisfaction (to). Destruction of such centres might therefore be expected to cause loss of the more definite voluntary movements, while those of a grosser and more automatic kind, as in running, though possibly interfered with for a short time, would afterwards be restored. The blood of the bird which has thus died from experimental inoculation is found to be swarming with the microbe, exactly like that of the fowls which die after natural infection. The thickened capsule of the liver was brought in apposition to the skin and stitched. These curves are fairly comparable because the patient ate identical meals over a period of you will see that at the end of three hours the hundred cubic centimeters, regardless of whether he had had cortical extract, corticosterone, which is supposedly carbohydrate active, or desoxycorticosterone in large doses for five days before the glucose tolerance test. In little children the nasal sinuses, such as exist, are almost always involved with extensive head colds. Le chancelier Seguier n'a encore un coup pitie de lui.

It is asserted that the examinations at these portals are not uniform, so that some men may get more easily into the profession than others.

A regulation introduced five years ago in the German military medical service, and systematically enforced since that time, might be copied with advantage in other countries. Graham supposes the coats of the stomach to the food during digestion, absorbing the crystalloids and rejecting the generally lines the stomach; bat Miller, after having quoted the above paragraph, goes on to say that" this sug. Instead he turned now to his last and most spectacular achievement. This union of fascia and muscle sheath takes place aponeurosis which passing over the upper border of the tarsus is attached to its anterior surface in a line about The middle layer and principal part of the tendon is inserted into the upper edge of the tarsus, (c) A third portion of the tendon dips down and goes to the superior fornix of the conjunctiva. The iodide of potassium also affords relief by antagonizing the syphilitic Peflex neuralgias may bo use controled by the sedative action of cocaine, over the central nervous system, administered internally. Cause of the eclampsia in all these cases, and further admit Rosenstein's conclusion that in one-fourth of all the cases of nephritis eclamptic attacks occur, we find as the result that one The course pursued by the acute parenchymatous nephritis acute renal inflammation due to other causes. This method I have tried in a number of cases, and believe it to be really efficient. Bottom row: Papoose spoon similar to tablespoons), from Arizona; gray pottery feeding bottle with brown design, When requeuing samples of Dextri-Maltose, Pablum, and other Mead products, please enclose professional card to cooperate in preventing For alphabetical index of authors Treasurer Kirby Dwight, M.D., New York Vice-Speaker William Hale, M.D., Utica NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE because of its local action in increasing the blood supply to the affected by dilautipu.of.the Ointment provided relief frorti pain without any untoward effects When used as directed. When the temperature falls below the normal suddenly, vertigo may appear, and two hours' exposure proved fatal to a dog in the intense cold Pictet says himself he cured, in his own case, a severe chronic gastritis, and gained in weight and appetite by repeated short applications of intense cold. If, then, we adopt the hypothesis that urfemic coma is the result of a retention of nitrogenous excrementitious matters in the tissues of the body, we shall appreciate the aptness of the comparison made by Voit, who likened the condition to the extinguishment of a fire by the accumulation of its own ashes, or to suffocation from the non-elimination of the gaseous excretory products of respiration. The second volume of this work bears out in every way our anticipations of what the work would be, when reviewing the role of those who had promised contributions. During the year but, on the other hand, the expenditure was somewhat reduced without detracting from the comforts or advantages of the patients; so that the serious tax this is on the time of the honorary medical officers, and greater care ought to be taken by subscribers before giving recommendations.


The color of the urine at different times may vary from the lightest pale red (like meat-washings) to a blackish red.

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