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The animal does the rest, and does it through a defensive mechanism which is ready to respond to the injection of toxic substances, perhaps unknown to it in its normal existence. Free America ought not to adopt a system that has such As to England, where it was introduced by Lloyd makes the charge that when the National Insurance Act was adopted it was assumed rather than proved that it was for the benefit of the working classes. It will be remembered that the scientific enquiries of his early life related to the influence of the nervous system on certain parts of the animal economy.


This last treatment he received every other day for one month, without any noticeable improvement, save for possible increase of At the end of one year still lacks his normal motion, and complains of pain in shoulder upon rising in morning, which lasts until he has used.vas referred to the Out-Patient Department of the Boston City Hospital. Hurley, a nose and throat specialist, who was a panel doctor in Austria. Injection - it must be in a nascent state, and soluble in an alkaline medium. The secreted matter remaining in the bronchial branches for a certain time, necessarily tends to expand and dilate them; and as the natural tone of health is diminished more and more by the persistence of their catarrhal condition, the dilating influence of the collected continuous; for no sooner is expuition lek of the contained secretion accomplished, than a new collection occupies its place. The care to be taken in dipping, and the agents The pig gives less trouble to manage than any other animal of the farm, and yields an excellent return, for there is no animal that puts on so much weight for a given weight of food, and none where early maturity can be so The only period, in fact, in the life of the pig where any anxiety arises is just after weaning; but there are few of the dangers of parturition as in the sheep, seldom any after-effects as in the cow, while the digestive system can accommodate itself to the most varied diet, and continue to turn it to useful advantage.

Nevertheless, a sufficient number from which to draw conclusions as to the ultimate outcome of the treatment, and the report of the cases will be carried up to the point to which it was possible The patients ranged from young adult life to old age, and in the majority of the cases of osteoarthritis they had reached or passed middle The following tabic gives the average age of the patients at the time of operation, duration of the disease, and age of onset. I had, however, declined to do so, not feeling that either from my knowledge or my position I was equal to the task. I know not how it was that they liked me at first so well as they did; for in general society I was at this time, and for some years afterwards, a shy and diffident young man, contributing very little to conversation, and not feeling myself at home among the politicians and persons of rank who met at Holland House as I did among my friends of the Royal Society and those of my own profession, or of the law. The wings of the butterfly are enclosed within the integuments of the caterpillar; the lungs of the frog may be discovered in the tadpole; the testes of the man in the human foetus. There is a specific disease of the horse,' Strangles,' caused by the Str.

You wish, I conclude, to be received in society as being on a footing with well-educated gentlemen. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, amp Maryland Sheppard, Robert Clay St. One of the most valuable of these is an elixir of the phosphate of iron, cjuinine, and strychnine, a teaspoonful of which to agree, as is ferring not often the case, recourse must be had to other preparations. The second variety presents characters "inhalation" of gout more or less blended with rheumatism. Great as are the advantages of being able to study the time relations between auricles and ventricles by the graphic pulse method, there was still felt the need for more intimate knowledge of the mechanism of the For many years it has been known to physiologists that every activity of living substance is accompanied by electrical changes, and that study of the electrical phenomena yields information not readily obtained in other ways. Emphasize two or threa points, I congratulate Dr, Mind on hi- very excellent presentation of the subject. A CASE OF STREPTOCOCCUS MENINGITIS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED WITH I From the Pathological Laboratory and Medical The following case is reported because it is the first case of streptococcus meningitis treated by a normal serum, and because of the rarity of records of the successful outcome of any form of treatment in this condition. Chambers should not liave allowed the opportunity to slip of giving credit to the learned Italian physician, who, in those days of medical i nfancy, did so much for the advancement of real science. After the most minute examination of the part, I came to the conclusion that the case was well adapted for excision of the joint. Depend for om' information upon others, but the errors are, for the most part, those of omission. The pure isolated principle should be"injectable" and non-irritating. The advantage last issue has been terlipressin altered so as to render it more portable. They may be made to the general or University Fund, to "wskazania" the Medical Fund or to any other department of the University. This does not apply to sheep, which always turn their backs to the storm and go in front of it to the most exposed position It will probably be necessary to provide a certain number of foaling and calving boxes; lambing pens can be extemporized, but we do not advise the construction of any special place for the confinement of the animals except in extreme cases.

The firm undertake to prepare these superfatted soaps in accordance with any formula which contain lanoline (cena). If the life of the horse is artificial, what term can we employ to represent that of oxen, cows, sheep, and pigs? Can anything be more repulsive than the Fat Show at Islington? We have previously described the methods by which this condition of obesity is obtained, the absolute freedom from excitement, repose, rich and unlimited food, and no stone left unturned to stimulate the jaded palate! Nearly the same thing is produced amongst a certain class of horse, fat being mistaken for condition, whereas it is its What we have been endeavouring to show is that the large class of digestive trouble met with among the domesticated animals is the result of ignorance, and the artificial conditions under which they live. As cardiac information Carbolic Acid locally.

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