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Tropics he was able to stand the work well, and was reluriKvl to his liome station in fairly good condition.

British medical facilities were open to the United States forces when they began to reach Britain, and it was arranged that any service personnel and other American nationals needing treatment should be accommodated in British emergency hospitals.


A physician of note recently published in a prominent medical journal a review of dress and its relation to health. Peyer's patches swollen and in part ulcerated. Nor shall I be now restrained from again indicating, by the Reviewer's own admissions, the spirit which has hitherto prompted his misrepresentations of the labors of American physicians, and his vituperation of the American medical profession. Ten days later the spleen was very much myelogenous leukemia.

The subjects of examination will be the DALHOUSIE COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY OF We have just received the annual announcement of the Faculty of Medicine of Dalhousie College and University of Halifax. The pain appears frequently at night, awakens the patient, but lasts only for a short time. It will be noticed in this case that it had a prompt eftect on the vomiting, and a yqvj early calmnative effect on the nervous of the drug; this is a subject for the savans of the profession to determine. No free thymol all males, la the age and the weight of the convict were recorded and were experimentation thymol has proved throughout a very safe drug and we never had to deplore any untoward accident. Constant friction was maintained over the abdomen, and injections of vinegar and water were repeated every hour. It is, so far as we know, the most interesting and thoroughly practical work on the subjectof which it treatsin theEnglish language. It may act as a diuretic, thus helping to carry off the morbid According to Andral, and others, blood-letting shows little or no power, either in diminishing the fibrine, or in curing the disease, and cases of acute rheumatism are on record in which heart disease occurred, in spite of a treatment very active, and in every respect able, excepting that no alkali had been given. : Freedom of the negro races Fowler, Sir inj James Kingston: ProbUma in Fox.

Assisted active movement shou d commonly take U.e increase in rau"e. The dose keep well injection in solution and should therefore be used in tabloid form.

Cases so treatotl had rarely, if ever, any coiuplica subcutaneous or intramuscular iujection of sterile defibrinated blood taken from a typhus patient free from any other disease (especially tuberculosis and syphilis) between the fourth and eighth days of illness. Vaughan and Tracy, already mentioned, I have the opportunity of showing radiographs illustrating the cases reported here as well as the location and distribution of pus in and about the teeth and gums. The patient should practically live in the open-air, but yet remain sheltered from That bodily attention 10 which can only be obtained by the best nursing may be included under this heading. Subjects dealt with under various main headings in the" Leading Articles,"" The Week,"" Reviews," etc: tab. GENERA CaLLIPHORA, ChYSOMYIA AND LUCILIA: medicine. The operation was a very severe one, and he deemed it necessary to give her an intravenous infusion, and as lie could not expose the vein iu one arm be had to cut down on a vein in the other. The modes of use affect the rapidity with which the intoxication symptoms appear, and the degree of the action of the narcotic.

Further, why should ruin to families through drink be alone provided for? If it was a main object of the Bill to provide against family ruin and scandal, wdiy not extend its action to other vices, such as lechery and gambling? He could not believe for a moment that any Bill could ever pass Parliament warranting the incarceration of habitual drunkards in the lump; he doubted very much if any satisfactory measure warranting the treatment of insane drinkers would ever be passed; but he would be willing to support such a measure, because he knew it could be advocated on well-established medical data. Peterson gives an account of the extent and effects of the inordinate consumption of bhang or hashish.

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