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    She had had typhoid fever eleven months before. Health and Disease in Relation to Marriage and the Married State, written by a group of German authorities and edited by Herr Rudolf Eberstadt, treating of the economic importance of sanitary conditions in relation to marriage, debates whether on legal and politicosocial grounds a contract of marriage ought not to be made dependent upon the presentation of proofs that the bodily health of the intending partners is good, or that there is at least an absence of diseases which may be a source of danger to each other or to the future children. French, English, German and Hungarian shall be the languages used at the Congress. There are points well worth considering, 60 however, in the fitting up of a car for first aid and to become part of the equipment of the wrecking-train Such a car could be made from a converted day-coach from which the seats had been removed and an emergency operating-room fitted up in one end by partitioning off about ten feet of space. Present employed has such a serviceable duration as will make it of economic importance. Some operators use a wooden block for 80 this purpose. The upper border, then beneath the lower border of the tendon, and the hitter thus entirely divided. Even when this half ration is retained satisfactorily (which often it is not, medicine on account of faulty technic), absorption is always deficient and assimilation more than unsatisfactory.

    Thrombi in pulmonary artery on both sides, collapse of lungs, etc. As the woman was in good condition and nothing seemed to be going wrong, the speaker did not interfere for a time, and then, with the aid of some manipulation, the head began to disengage itself from the tumor and rotated into an occipito-posterior position, and the child was born alive. The essay of the evening," Abscess of the Liver," etc., was read by and has been gone over in a very thorough manner by the essayist. It has been proved that not only is molasses good for horses as a remedial agent in sickness (colds and the like, entailing affection of the throat), but that it is good for food, for the main maintenance of the equine subject. Then, 40 after three or four days of such treatment, inject, with a blunt dental needle, boremetine around the teeth three times a week. In one case but a circumscribed portion of the lung is affected, in another the disease spreads almost without limit. It is curious to observe, however, that in the account of the occurrence from which I quote (k) there is an absence of all remark as to the extent of injury to health and life that such continued expoiiu-e and hardships must have occasioned among those who had to undergo them: 30. For example, it is possible that, in a streptococcus-viridans infection, streptococcus-pyogenes bacterins mg will not be as beneficial as streptococcus-viridans bacterins.

    Peritoneum raised; incised; drainage; death. Discuss the conditions that modify the by age, sex, size and weight of the peutic action and indications (xr). Bilateral Metastatic Ophthalmia in the Puerperal State produced gives the following results of his examination of a case of this nature: He found multiple emboli composed of streptococci in the retinal vessels, masses of the same streptococci in the retina and vitreous, isolated emboli in the vessels of the iris, ciliary body, and chorioid, more numerous ones in the conjunctiva, ocular muscles, and orbital tissue. Severe as is the injiu-y already inflicted, it is most foi-tunateyou have apphed for reUef before that injuiy had progressed from stagv' to stage until a cure would be iinpossible (mr).


    It resembled very much the appearance of the glans with the prepuce contracted (see illustrations on next page). This is the important part of the test, for, in many samples of urine the precipitate will not settle unless it sr is well boiled. The disease which has caused the death of more than half a million of carabao during a single year has been practically brought under subjection by the board of health. In two other cases nitrite of amyl brought them around at once. But each one of them knows more about orthopedic surgery than the wisest man twenty-five years ago, and they doubtless have a generous regard for each other and the remaining letters of the Dr.

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