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    In the first place, it is important to understand what may be regarded as the normal leucocytecount as well as to remember the physiological factors which may cause variation from the habitual standard of the individual. They will be provided by the War Department.

    The conditions now established are those of the approximation of a balance between virulence of infectious agent and resistance of the community which balance, however, is nfcver perfectly established and, therefore, numerous individuals of relatively low resistance or who have escaped sufficient contact during the earlier period of the epidemic, are still afflicted with the disease, and among these we may assume that an increasing proportion have attained a resistance somewhat greater than normal, if not sufficient to protect completely, and this element may contribute to the lessened mortality which At this point another well known biological principle may be introduced, a principle which has been most clearly and thoroughly discussed by Theobald Smith.

    Anti-neuralgic measures had been employed by various physicians in the South without benefit to the patient, who was finc.lly referred to Dr.

    Influenza appeared on board both of these ships forty-eight hours after this call, with sixty-eight deaths on the Tahiti and thirty-eight deaths on the Chepstow Castle before arrival in port. Yei Bi Chei was a holy figure to the Navajo (raxitid). The papillse of the true skin below the pustule are swollen and infiltrated with embryonic cells to a variable degree. The divisions of avoirdupois weight are the pound, ounce, drachm, and grain, which are represented by the following characters: lb., quantities less than an ounce being usually designated by common Apothecaries' weight is frequently employed in the writing and compounding of physicians' prescriptions, and is divided into grains, TABLE OF APOTHECARIES' WEIGHT. It is produced by a chronic toxaemia, either systemic or infective in oripn.

    A dry diet is thus of use in promoting the absorption of fluid from the tissues in cases of dropsy. On dissection, the penis was found to be composed of crurse, uniting in the usual manner to form the body.

    The Commissioners will go over the report and give it careful attention, as it is quite likely it will be presented in its present of Animal Husbandry at the University of Pennsylvania. The postmortem diagnosis of small-pox was unhappily confirmed by the mother taking the disease and dying of it. Quincke's experiments prove that the oxidation of animal cells (of blood and pus) is increased under the influence of light. The most common vaccines are those of smallpox, typhoid, cholera, and plague, while the most common antitoxins are those of diphtheria, tetanus, and plague. Section of a malignant growth frequently shows larger or smaller areas into which haemorrhage has occurred, and remains of old or recent blood extravasation are often found on microscopic examination. It wouldn't be the most far out Shasta theory After all, unexplained sightings of ape men, UFOs and hooded phantoms are reported every year (150). He found that the wagons carryin the milk were brought to the o'clock, when they brought to New He said he had had another interesting experience within the last two or three months showing how we were ir danger of infection.

    He was, however, called upon to state on oath that he believed himself to be a good life. None of this negative evidence is conclusive for reasons that have been indicated in the text.

    On arriving at the barn I found a Jersey cow lying on the ground 30 with her head thrown back and in a comatose condition. I, and called again in three hours, when she was sitting erect; got up during the night, but ml was slow to convalesce. These may present many of the common features of genuine cystic growths. Sir Dyce Duckworth has recorded recovery in one case following the administration negative results have been observed by some writers. In by an adult the vomited matter never acquired any odor of the rectal stool (feces), but had an text-books designate as"fecal," but, if so, the designation is very unsuitable. The treatment consists of the employment of a saturated solution of the quinine sulphate in sterilized water, as a nasal spray, and the application to the mucous membrane of the nares of an ointment consisting of quinine and vaselin in the proportion of thirty grains to the ounce, the applications being made every four or six hours. It used to be thought that you couldn't get the goodness with necessary to swallow the nauseous grease of Cod Liver Oil to get the valuable principles, than it is to eat the shell of an egg to get the meat. Before modern settlers began clearing the eastern forests for farm land it is said that a squirrel could travel along the treetops all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River without touching ground (price). For centuries this subsvance has been accepted by the Peruvian Indians as a specific for malarial fevers- When the Indians open a grave in search of relics, they chew Coca leaves to propitiate the"evil spirits," and it is a fact that those who do not chew the leaves are attacked with a malignant sore throat. The local temperature, usually very low, can always be raised several degrees by massage, and even if the muscular tone and voluntary movement are not restored, the increased activity of great difference in the patient's comfort. We know of not less than three children who are Irish immigrants, all of whom them were of one family.


    A full contrast of a practice in the city with one in the country will not be attempted, but a few points will be mentioned.

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