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PAUL MEETING OF THE have received an advance proof of an article for its November number calling attention to the fact that certain exhibits considered unethical have in the past figured in the displays made in connection with the association's meetings, and giving the assurance that the exhibits at next year's meeting, in St.

In the absence of the President, There were uses present: Drs. On auscultation two sounds are heard if the aortic valves are opened, otherwise only a first sound. The hole in the outside of the bone was quite round and clean, but on the inside it was five or capsule six times larger and very irregular, pieces of the inner table being splintered off, many of which I found imbedded in the brain substance. His nursemaid, aged twenty-four, had many years before gone through the smallpox, in the natural way, which was evident from her being much pitted with it. As an immunizing agent, the speaker's experience is altogether in its favor. Gradually though the condition may be suspected. With the fine probe-pointed conical electrode, it is in almost every instance possible to enter the punctum electrode for electrolysis of the nasal duct. There are many cases recorded in which the patient lived with his family without infecting the members of the household. Did this have anything to do with the pruritus? This lady enjoys fair health, is regular plus in her menstrua, I treated a lady only a few months since with the same course, and a like result. As to the gas, he probably turned it on, and in his partially dazed condition forgot to light it. West mentioned a fact related to him by Dr. In a chronic case which was temporarily relieved by the hypodermic injection of curara, I began with two-grain doses twice a day, increasing the dose daily, till on the ninth first time this controlled the muscular agitation, improved her voice and appearance, and caused no sickness: 50. Morton's first modification of the Malgaigne hooks consisted in making the hooks longer and straighter, but this improvement was shown to be of but after using it once.


The patient retained some kefir. Spreads rapidly from the glandular to the interstitial tissue, and subcutaneous, sub-abdominal, or perineal interstitial oedema occurs The udder is turgid, tense, shining, and of reddish-violet colour in Pressure on the galactoj)horous sinus causes the flow of reddish-grey milk, sometimes foetid or of gangrenous odour. The cause of obstruction in this case was the same as is believed to be the cause of obstruction 50mg in enteritis. The treatment of the genital ailment has almost always stopped the vomiting. Pregnancy is among the more common causes in women. Optic neuritis is seen occasionally in anaemia and lead poisoning, more or the simple form. The after-birth should be removed soon after parturition and several uterine douches warmth and friction to the mammary gland; the administration of sedatives, such as oj)ium, chloral and bromide of potassium; stimulants, including ammonia, ether, turpentine and alcohol; washing out the uterus with water or disinfectant solutions; the relief of tympany by the use of the trocar and canula medicine (by which instrument medicines may also be injected directly into the rumen); the removal of faeces from the rectum; warm clothing of the body and general attention to the animal's comfort, and to the teachings of hygiene.

Jaccoud has shown that in reality the causes of these three morbid conditions are cap very similar, and that a case which at first appears to be of the nature of aleucaemic lymphadenitis may later become transformed into leucaemic lymphadenitis; or, inversely, that a case which at first appeared to be a simple leucaemia might often become complicated with lymphadenitis: hence the grouping of these different morbid conditions under the heading of lymphogenic diathesis. These will now be considered in detail, in the order mentioned. Now, in the course of half an hour, the heart will have made more than one thousand beats, in some as many as two, three, and even four thousand. Or J of an inch in front of it, and prolonged downwards; others make a horizontal incision parallel with the vertebral axis; and, lastly, some believe that an oblique incision following the direction of the"cord of the flank" is just as advantageous. Peristaltic movement ceases, and the movements peculiar to the rumen and to the progress of food mg through the intestine are The heart beats are strong, rapid and violent, and yet the pulse remains feeble, though the artery is tense.

Possibly they are due to spasm of the arteries and a temporary ischaemia, a view strongly supported by the occurrence of similar vessels, but the wear and tear of life affects different parts in different persons.

In treatment, various combinations of glandular extracts may be used, especially testicular and pituitary in the male and ovarian in the female. Cohen's rule is to let it alone unless it gives rise to harassing cough, when it is clipped off with a pair of scissors. Galvanism to improve nutrition and promote aljsorption.

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