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The reasons given for active interference are the frequency of these dangers in prolonged delivery of the placenta. May be conferred on any Bachelor of Medicine twenty -four years of age, who has been engaged, subsequently to his having received the degree of M.B., for at least two years in medical and surgical practice, provided that he is either a Graduate in Arts of a university, or that he has passed an examination in Greek and in Logic or Moral Philosophy, in addition to the other branches of a preliminary examination. The explanation is thought to be a superficial clot at first compressing the speech centre and settling down afterward upon the visual centre, and when absorbed, function was restored. It looks as if it were malignant, but it may be a simple fibroid development. DAVIS CONPANY - Medical Publishers, The matter of diet is occupying the minds of the Medical Professien more today than ever. Diminution in corpuscles has been noted both in acute rheumatism and vaccine in acute gout. When the plaster has hardened separate the two halves, revaselin and tie together, and this will form the mold for the cast. The point I desire, however, chiefly to emphasize is, that the statistical data at present at our disposal give us absolutely no omen of the future status of the elective Cesarean section. SANDER, Belle Plaine Iowa, for price sample and literature of Sander's Eucalyptol. We can only explain such a dog-in-the-manger policy on sui)position of d. Soon after admission, he had an attack of cardiac angina with severe precordial pain, the pulse being undulatory inj and irregular.


The patient informed me, when I last saw him, that he was recovering his sensibility in all the patches; that he had no increase of the disease; and that he was recovering the use of the muscles of his hand and forearm, which had been useless, as he told me he was unable to lift a pail of water when he first came under treatment: dose. The more violent forms of this disease are attended with excruciating, throbbing pains, delirium, and sometimes convulsions. Some clots lying upon the upper surface of the stomach were removed, and the abdomen and pelvis cleansed from clots, ovarian fluid, and debris of cysts.

I think, however, that from three to six weeks is the proper time to operate. She finds that there is no kerosene in the house and has to wait until someone goes out to buy some. One end of the cylinder connects with a copper, the other with a zinc disc, by means of insulated cords which are intended to be attached to the ankle or wrist of the patient, as shown in the wood cut of the catalogue. If at any time after birth a child should have any of the constitutional diseases, marked arrest of development of the face takes place. This is the result of one side of the face "schedule" being more developed than the other. But to succeed, one must, as he has stated, use a very sharp needle, and penetrate without cutting, the episcleral tissue; otherwise the sutures will accomplish little. As mentioned before, Syme and Malgaigne, for some time previous to Jarjavay's operation, had been teaching that in fungus and earcinorSatous testicular affections not involving the whole organ the diseased portion only should be removed, and Deville, an tilcerating scrotum by resecting the diseased foci. It was thought that six to eighteen months would be necessary to decide upon the cure of the disease.

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