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Is it wise, creditable or safe to set such a science aside, to follow the vagaries of any moon-struck transcendentalist, or wild visionery or ignorant empiric? It is no mark of superior intelligence or greater cultivation, or remarkable discernment, but on the contrary of all of them; and if his life does not fall a sacrifice to this theorising, he will be sure, perhaps only too late, to seek assistance from that which is now slighted." Having thus given the accustomed hits to the Reformers, and stated that right that we should ask and receive the countenance and support of the public. Some two months later, after a breakfast of cold mutton and bread and butter, and while engaged in household duties, the woman was seized with agonizing pain a little above and to the left of the umbilicus.

The spirochaeta paelida is probably to be classed among the animal parantia, and is not a bacterium, making its uses artificial cultivation very improbable. Up on thorough cleanliness depends largely the successful issue of the case: quadriderm.

" We doubt very much whether for the typhoid fever that occurs in Mobile is accompanied with as much abdominal derangement as appears to be the case in many other places. The lesions found will vary from a few scratched papules, or possibly some long abrasions by the finger nails, to a great extent of scratched and torn surfaces, with crusts, among pustules and even ecthymatous boils. Aside from salts and water, there benefits are other things that probably act as food.

Poole's resolution the following The time having arrived for the installation of the new President, Drs. In our remarks therefore on the various forms of disease which arc called cutaneous, we shall pursue the course above indicated, viz., describe the simple inflammation not larger than the point of a pin as papulae.


Frame, then syncope, and death: substitute. Yet we are too liable in looking at a case of post-diphtheric palsy to consider it a peripheral neuritis and to look no deeper. Massage was is ordered for the arm. They are hysterial disorders, and hysteria is subacute ovaritis, which displays its phenomena on the in sensitive and motive On comparing the neuralgic headache with the phenomena of spinal irritation in other parts, we find how exactly they coincide. In cases in which internal hindi strabismus is noticed the tumor is generally on the same side as the strabismus. This fact might not have been known to the medical referee, but it is always better to fill m the reply either affirmatively or negatively, if the certificate be signed at all, than to leave the Office to draw an unfavourable inference, or to render the policy afterwards open to dispute In the case of a Mrs.

The premonitory symptoms of the outbreak, the duration of the attack, and the nature of the price illness, presented nothing different from the ordinary course of hydrophobia. They were emulsified in the stomach used or duodenum, independent of the pancreatic juice, the lymphatics above the connection of the pancreatic duct, would, of course, be found to contain the emulsion. Talents lor certain departments ol activity inav thus Degeneration in nerve structure and tendencies to dosage evil are also transmitted. The influence of the serum is constant, powerful, and continuous, and the protection lasts for at least some time (in one case for All these results are most encouraging, but it must be confessed that the antipyrotoxin has not been isolated in purity, that the experiments have all come from one laboratory, and that they are not as yet very numerous. During the eighth period bone-marrow, iron, and salol were administered. The judgement or opinion of cream the expert is the matter to submit to the jury, and which they can connect as it may fit with tbe other facts and probabilities involved in the formation of their verdict. Eczema as it Affects the Nails.

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