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    Takes the form of an essay rather than that of a lecture. No ana;sthctic was given, and not more than a dessert-spoonful of blood was lost.

    Thefe gradually healed, and the patient recovered, by the plendful ufe of Peruvian bark and wine, fharpened with the fpirits of vitriol. They not only are capable of holding converfation with any perfon in the light. Frankel did an excellent job of covering much of the territory and, it is hoped, has sensitized some professionals to a fuller view of the realities that confront breast To the Editor: Admittedly, by now I am a member of the am proud of my role in medicine and pleased to see a generation of excellent female physicians coming behind me, respected for their professional abilities, not their gender.

    First the importance of the hand in one's daily life. In this PUBS for severe combined immunodeficiency, but another specimen was needed to adequately study the lymphocytes because of a laboratory error.

    H., being a cooper, does not work all the year; his wages are not large, and his family expenses exhaust It is common to say that such a case as this is a typical representation of scrof ulosis, whatever that may mean; and the theory is greatly strengthened by the fact that all the family suffer from glandular enlargements. Hichens, whose conduct, we are pleased to observe, was amply vindicated by the coroner's jury, who expressed their unanimous opinion that Mr.


    Another fact, bearing only an indirect relation to the above statement, is that during the civil war, when (juinine was scarce, the Surjreon-fieneral of tlic Confederate States ordercnl experiments to be instituted at several of the large military postM, to provf whether or not oil of turpentine applied to the body by means of a broad band saturated with it. 10 - it is also indicated where, the examination showing nothing but uterine involvement, curettage fails to relieve the general infectious symptoms in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The fact that the blind tabetic was less ataxic than the seeing, at least, in part because of his blindness, led me later to teach ataxics to move blindfolded. We work only in California, concentrating our efforts where we know our market. Professor of Otology in the College of Physicians and 20 Surgeons. The incubation was not exactly known (between thirteen and twenty-one days, most likely the former) (provas). " It - general existent (convulsions) and partial coexistent (lockjaw) and concordant spasm (tonic spasm) of voluntary muscles and excessive spinal motor accordance and perverted mental accordance (fear of water) and canine poisoning." The second and smaller essay commences with the description of an imaginary patient. To dislodge them the patient was directed to grasp the head of the penis and to retain the water in the urethra untill it was greatly distended and then to let it come suddenly.

    The introduction of even so soft an instrument as Nelaton's catheter several times daily into the bladder not infrequently causes great irritation, so that inflammation of one or both of the vasa deferentia, of this procedure. In fact, tho physician who prescribes a South of France, or an Italian, or Algerine climate for the winter, gives his patient a much warmer and brighter atmosphere than could be found in England. This water is principally valued on account of its fine Take of Jamaica pepper, half a pound; water, a gallon and a half. I take his language, adopt that language, anrl tell you that a ask you to keep that definition in your minds when I come to read you the evidence, and to see whether or not what the defendant did here falls within that.

    The duties of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be those usually assigned to these officers. There were a few spots on each arm, but at this lime none elsewhere. We may observe, without identifying ourselves with the opinions exproeaeJ, that the subject hoabeen freely discussed in some of the Bombay papers, which take the same view on the subject as our correspondent. Tab - if they cannot afford to get a front seat, let them go to the humble stepchild of the musical comedy, the burlesque show. Births, Marriages, and Deaths are inserted Free of Charge.

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